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Neptune’s Brood – Charles Stross signed copies

Charlie’s new hardback is out in about three weeks in early July.

It’s called Neptune’s Brood and the UK edition costs £16.99
Signed & personalised copies will be availabe as in the past; I’ll be e-mailing previous customers about this, but feel free to contact me and tell me what you’d like.

Plain signature, date, location, brief greeting, etc. should be possible, but no first lines, I’m afraid.

The postage within the UK will be £1.90 or £18.89 in total
Within Europe: £6.00 or £22.99 altogether
Most of the rest of the world: £10.40 or £27.39 altogether
Australia & NZ, etc: £10.80 or £27.79 altogether

If you want more than one copy, I’ll check and let you know the postage.


“My friend has discovered faster-than-light travel! If we get in now, we can make it rich! Just send us your bank details today…” Krina Alizond-114 is a metahuman in a universe where the last natural humans went extinct five thousand years ago. When a letter from her sister goes missing Krina embarks on a dangerous journey across the star systems to find her, along the way getting caught up in an elegant and unprecedented financial scam that involves the mystery of the missing space colony – Atlantis.


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