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New Titles – w/e 4th May 2013

in hardback:

Sergei LukyanenkoThe New Watch the 5th in the Night Watch series
Hugh HoweyShift the prequel to Wool
Sarah Pinsborough – Poison re-telling of the dark story of Snow White
Jeff NoonVurt re-issue of his most famous novel on it’s 20th anniversary

James Daily, J.D. & Ryan Davidson, J.D.The Laws of Superheroes tongue-in-cheek look by two Justice Dept. lawyers at how all sorts of laws would affect superheroes! (based on US law)

Doctor WhoPlague of the Cybermen by Justin Roberts, The Dalek Generation by Nicholas Briggs and Shroud of Sorrow by Tommy Donbavand, all from the BBC and featuring the 11th Doctor

in large format:

Rob ReidYear Zero two strange aliens ask for help in sorting out horrible copyright problems arising from all other aliens becoming hooked on Terran pop songs from 1977 onwards (when Earth was discovered by them)
Jon Courtney GrimwoodThe Exiled Blade the final volume in his Assassini trilogy
David Weber & BuNineHouse of Steel: The Honorverse Companion 170 page novel I Will Build My House of Steel plus a further 260 pages (with colour insert) of everything you ever wanted to know about the background to the series!

in ‘B’ format:

James S. A. CoreyCaliban’s War book 2 of his Expanse series; I enjoyed it even more than #1, Leviathan Wakes
Peter F. HamiltonGreat North Road interstellar intrigue and murder!, starting in Newcastle!
Charles StrossThe Traders’ War the 2nd omnibus volume of his Merchant Princes set, containing The Clan Corporate and The Merchants’ War
China MievilleRailsea set in a world where trains crisscross the world endlessly
Max FreiThe Stranger’s Woes sequel to The Stranger and volume 2 of The Labyrinths of Echo, about dreamer Max and his exploits in the magical Echo City. Translated from Russian by Polly Gannon & Ast A. Moore
Justin GustainisPlay With Fire and Midnight at the Oasis two novel-length cases in one volume for white witch Libby Chastain and Dracula’s killer’s great grandson, Quincy Morris
Freda WarringtonA Taste of Blood Wine vampires and decadence in 1920s Europe. 1st published in 1992
Aiden HarteIrenicon the river divides the city of Rasenna into two feuding halves…
Jon Courtney GrimwoodThe Outcast Blade the 2nd volume in his Assassini fantasy series
Mark LawrenceKing of Thorns epic fantasy; book 2 of The Broken Empire and sequel to Prince of Thorns
Adrian BarnesNod apart from a few people who can’t wake up, nobody in the world can go to sleep at all, day after nightmare day…

Jeff NoonPollen smart-looking re-issue. Is pollen a new drug, or a poison?

Max BrooksWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War film tie-in edition; 1st issued in 2006

in paperback:

Timothy ZahnJudgment at Proteus the 5th  Quadrail adventure for Frank Compton
Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee & Veronica GiguereWorld Divided sequel to Invasion. The superheroes have driven back the alien war machines…
Rhiannon FraterSiege part 3 of As the World Dies. After the zombie plague is over…
Bill EvansBlackmail Earth fast-moving thriller with climate change and jihadists in Mauritius. Premier size

M. L. N. HanoverGraveyard Child the 5th adventure involving the Black Sun’s Daughter
Caitlin KittredgeDark Days the 5th Black London novel,; there’s a revolt brewing in Hell… and Jack has to ask  demon for a favour
A. A. AguirreBronze Gods – the 1st Apparatus Infernum adventure; Edwardian
crime and horror for the Division’s best team, Janus Mikani & Celeste Ritsuko
Naomi NovikCrucible of Gold the 7th Temeraire novel, about dragons in the Napoleonic Age
James SwainDark Magic everybody  thinks Peter Warlock is only a stage magician…
Dean R. KoontzOdd Apocalypse the 5th book about Odd Thomas, who can see the dead. Premier size
Dana FredstiPlague Nation the 2nd Ashley Parker adventure, fighting the zombie apocalypse…

Star TrekThe Folded World the latest Original Series adventure by Jeff Mariotte
World of WarcraftJaina Proudmoore: Tides of War the latest novel in the gaming scenario by Christie Golden

art, etc:

Tom GauldYou’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack neat little hardback with the best of his Guardian comics


Doctor WhoEldrad Must Die Big Finish adventure #172, with Peter Davidson


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