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New Titles – w/e 27th April 2013

in hardcover:

Lucius ShepardFive Autobiographies and a Fiction six substantial short stories; I’ve only read one of them, Dog-Eared Paperback of My Life, but it was very good!

Dave FreerCuttlefish steampunk-style submarine adventure in the globe-spanning British Empire of 1953, in which global warming has already flooded many areas, including London!
Dave FreerThe Steam Mole sequel to Cuttlefish, with the action moving to the Australian desert, or beneath it!
Barbara HamblyGood Man Friday the 12th Benjamin January case

in large format:

David WeberA Beautiful Friendship the 1st Star Kingdom YA novel, featuring young Stephanie Harrington, one of Honor’s illustrious ancestors.
James SmytheThe Explorer sent to document the space mission, journalist Cormac is eventually the only astronaut left to carry it out!
Matt RuffThe Miracle alternate history where on 9/11 Christian fundamentalists fly planes into key Middle Eastern sites. Saddam Hussein investigates… From the author of Bad Monkeys
Rhonda RileyThe Enchanted Life of Adam Hope Evelyn finds a body, which isn’t dead, but turns out to be an alien whom she later marries…

Graham HarmanWeird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy a serious and also readable look at HPL’s writings

Gillian I. Leitch (editor) – Doctor Who in Time and Space 16 serious essays giving an in depth view of the whole series from 1962.

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossThe Bloodline Feud omnibus edition of the first two volumes of his Merchant Princes series. Signed copies available soon.
Eric BrownStarship Seasons 4 linked novellas, set on the colony planet Chalcedony: Starship Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Wesley ChuThe Lives of Tao lowly IT tech Roen discovers he has an alien mind-parasite in his brain, and it wants to leave the planet!
Susan Beth PfefferLife As We Knew It a meteor nodges the Moon closer to the Earth, and devastation and chaos result!

art, etc:

Keith Riegert & Sam KaplanProfessor Jonathan T. Buck’s Mysterious Airship Notebook fun hardback, with tips on how to draw airships, etc.
AtelierArtwork of Arland big full colour softback showing the manga characters and costumes
Things to do with DOMO little hardback with ideas and material for customising various items!

Royden LeppVisitor in the Field volume 1 of Rust, set in the 1930s in which a young boy finds an advanced jetpack. Adventures follow! Very nice looking hardback with muted colour art thoughout
Royden LeppSecrets of the Cell volume 2 of Rust, which is a little like The Rocketeer comic, but with a younger hero. Looks great!


Locus – April cover date; #627 overall

Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller – #29
Brick Journal – #23 Star Wars issue!
You Can Build ItBook 2 Lego instruction manual


Doctor WhoThe Justice of Jalxar full cast drama #274 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker & Mary Tamm


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