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New Titles – w/e 2nd March 2013

in hardback:

C. Robert CargillDreams and Shadows Ewan and Colby have escaped from the Limestone Kingdom and it’s fey inhabitants. But being back in our world isn’t the end of the story…

in large format:

Frank ChadwickHow Dark the World Becomes life is tough in Crack City, a city in a deep chasm on a remote colony planet…
Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, et al – The Mongoliad: Book Three fat final volume of this historical epic

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminhamAngels of Vengence the 3rd of his Without Warning series, in which the world tries to recover from a devastating energy pulse
Neal AsherZero Point the 2nd in The Owner series
Ian TregellisThe Coldest War the sequel to Bitter Seeds. In the early 60s British Warlocks battle a nefarious Cold War plot…
V. M. ZitoThe Return Man following the Outbreak, Homeland Security want him to undertake a mission through the zombie deadlands of the Evacuated States
Weston OchseSeal Team 666 America’s special forces eleite against demons!
Francis KnightFade to Black Jojan is a pain-mage with a forbidden power…

Stephen KingThe Wind Through the Keyhole a stand-alone spin-off of his Dark Tower series
Kim NewmanJago reprint of the 1991 horror novel, with another 85 pages containing 3 short stories
Justin GustainisPlay With Fire & Midnight at the Oasis omnibus edition of 2 adventures featuring sleuths Morris & Chastain

Terry BrooksWards of Faerie the 1st book of The Dark Legacy of Shannara
Raymond E. FeistA Crown Imperilled volume 2 of the Chaoswar Saga, the sequel to A Kingdom Beseiged
Gail Z. MartinIce Forged the 1st book of her Ascendant Kingdoms Saga
Lisa TuttleThe Silver Bough great fantasy tale set ina  remote Argyleshire town. I really liked the hardback (7 years ago!)
Jasper ffordeThe Woman Who Died a Lot the latest Thursday Next case
Tom HoltDoughnut Theo has lost his job with the Large Hadron Collider but has been left a mysterious box by a Nobel Award-winning physicist friend…

Philip Jose Farmer The Wind Whales of Ishmael bizarre sequel to Moby Dick!

in paperback:

David DrakeThe Road to Danger the latest RCN adventure with Captain Leary
Sarah A. HoytDarkship Thieves Athena flees into space and has to confront the Darkships, which have been terrorising humanity for centuries…
Tony DanielGuardian of Night an alien flees his enemies in a hijacked spaceship, seeking asylum with the humans…
A. Bertram ChandlerFirst Command the 2nd of the omnibus reprints of his John Grimes Saga. Contains 4 novels
Mike MoscoeThe First Casuality reprint of one of his Jump Universe novels from 1999; he’s now better known as Mike Shepherd, author of the Kris Longknife series

Alexey PehovShadow Blizzard the 3rd of the Chronicles of Siala, which began with Shadow Prowler
Christina HenryBlack City the 3rd Black Wings novel; Chicago is infested with vampires and Maddy has to seek aid from her grandfather, Lucifer!
Amber BensonThe Golden Age of Death the 5th Calliope Reaper-Jones adventure, about Death’s daughter
Eileen RendahlDead Letter Day the 3rd adventure for Melina, messenger and go-between for the Underworld
Ted Dekker & Tosca LeeMortal the 2nd of the Books of Mortals, after Forbidden
James R. TuckBlood and Magick the 3rd adventure fighting monsters for Deacon Oak
James LovegroveAge of Voodoo the 5th in his Pantheon series

Heather GrahamThe Unseen Texan horror

Star TrekDevil’s Bargain the latest mission for the original crew, by Tony Daniel
Star WarsThe Last Jedi set after the Coruscent Knights trilogy, almost 2 decades before the initial movie was set
Heather GrahamThe Unseen Texan horror

art, etc:

Camilla d’ErricoHelmet Girls: The Art of Cd’E hardcover, both colour & b&w with a strong japanese influence
Heavy MetalThe Movie softcover with art from the film together with background and behind-the-scenes text. Not the graphic novel.

Pierre Gabus & Romuald ReutimannDistrict 14 anthropomorphic cartoon strip set in early 20th C America; an elephant arrives in New York… b&w hardcover
J.-C. Mezieres & P. ChristinThe City of Shifting Waters another adventure for Valerian & Laureline. Softcover

Neil Gaiman & Adam RexChu’s Day children’s book about a small panda with a big sneeze! Hardback


Heavy Metal – issue #261
Juxtapoz – March cover date, #146

Locus – February cover date, issue #625; 2012 in review


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