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New Titles – w/e 2nd February 2013

in large format:

Adam RobertsAdam Robots 2 dozen of his short stories, with some original to this volume
James MaxeyBurn Baby Burn super-villains Sundancer & Pit Geek go on a crime spree and threaten the economy of the world! Why are they doing it and who can stop them? Looks fun, and the title reminds me of… Vincent King‘s Time Snake and Superclown… a now forgotten New Wave novel… Which used lots of ellipses…
Kristine Kathryn RuschCoolhunting Steffie has fled her family and now has a job seeking out the trends of tomorrow, but her young sister needs her help…
Rudy RuckerTuring & Burroughs offbeat alternate history where Alan Turing fled to Morocco in the 1950s and met up with William Burroughs. Then things get strange! This is the first book I’ve stocked published by Transreal Books, Rudy’s own imprint for his books.

Mike LeeThe Rise of Nagash omnibus volume containg the Warhammer  Time of Legends trilogy of Nagash the Sorcerer, Nagash the Unbroken and Nagash Immortal. Restock, but I didn’t list it earlier.

Tara Prescott & Aaron Drucker (editors) – Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman 16 essays on the subject, across his entire output..

in ‘B’ format:

Lee CollinsShe Returns From War sequel to the supernatural western The Dead of Winter. The strap line says ‘True Grit meets True Blood’
Cassandra Rose ClarkeThe Mad Scientist’s Daughter Finn is a robot programmed to educate a beautiful young woman. But now robots have been granted rights, does his duty still come first?
Iain Banks Stonemouth mainstream novel about a man reluctantly returning to his birthplace, the small Aberdeenshire town of Stonemouth.

in paperback:

Myke ColeFortress Frontier the 3rd in his Shadow Ops space warfare series
Ted KosmatkaThe Games intelligent gladiator fignting robots – maybe too intelligent!
Orson Scott CardShadows in Flight the 12th Ender book
Rhiannon FraterFighting to Survive the sequel to The First Days; the story of the zombie apocalypse continues…

Sharon ShinnThe Shape of Desire the 1st in her Shifting Circle series; Dante is a shape-changer whose time spent as a human is gradually decreasing…
James MaxeyWitchbreaker 3rd in his Dragon Apocalypse series, which began with Greatshadow and Hush
Linda RobertsonShattered Circle the 6th in her Persephone Alcmedi series
Hannah JayneUnder the Gun the 4th Underworld Detection Agency Chronicle

Heather GrahamThe Vision her latest horror outing

Larry Niven (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XIII seven new short stories

Star TrekAlleigence in Exile an Original Series novel by David R. George III
Star WarsApocalypse the final book in the 9 volume Fate of the Jedi sequence

art, etc:

Jerry WeistFrank R. Paul: The Dean of Science Fiction Illustraton new hardcover full of his art, especially his covers of pulps from 1929’s Air Wonder Srories onwards. Looks great!
Frank ChoWomen: Book Two a 2nd hardcover volume of drawings and sketches

Igor BarenkoJihad re-issue of his historical graphic novel (previously published as The Horde) about Gengis Khan from Humanoids


Locus – January 2013 cover date
Loaf – issue #1 fun-looking digest-sized colour comic. Lots of 1 and 2 page strips.


Doctor WhoThe Auntie Matter Classic Doctors issue #2.1 from Big Finish. With Tom Baker & Mary Tamm


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