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New Titles – w/e 22nd December 2012

in hardback:

John C. WrightThe Hermetic Millennia the sequel to Count to a Trillion Menalaeus Montrose is a genius in deep sleep, awaiting a threat that will arrive in 8,000 years time. But meanwhile, he keeps being woken up for lesser problems…
James F. DavidDinosaur Thunder the 3rd in his series that began back when Transreal Fiction had just opened, with Footprints of Thunder and then, 8 years ago, Thunder of Time. Convoluted time travel with added dinosaurs!

Jack VanceDesperate Days omnibus volume from Subterranean Press with the two Sheriff Joe Bain murder mysteries and The Dark Ocean, his tramp freighter multiple murder mystery… Shame the outline of the 3rd Joe Bain case wasn’t included. Looks very nice anyway. A companion volume to Dangerous Ways, which came out in Spring 20011.

Simon R. GreenThe Pit of Despair novella from PS Publishing

in ‘B’ format:

Mercedes LackeyRedoubt the 4th of her Collegium Chronicles, set in Valdemar
Melanie RawnTouchstone the 1st in her new Glass Thorns series
Rob ScottAsbury Park detective Sailor Doyle is having a break in New Jersey while suspended but nothing goes according to plan and the dead seem to want his help…

Rachel PollackUnquenchable Fire an America where magic & myth are as real as shopping malls. SF Masterworks reprint from 1988
David I. MassonThe Caltraps of Time his classic short story collection from the height of the British New Wave, re-issued in the SF Masterworks series

art, etc:

Daniel FalconerThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Chronicles large art book from Weta Studios, full of art, etc. from the new film based on Tolkien‘s book.


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