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Boris Strugatski (1933 – 2012)

Sadly, Boris Strugatski has passed away.

With his brother Arcadi (1925 – 1991) they wrote a string of interesting, usually banned sf novels in the USSR from the late 1950s through to the late 80s.
My first encounter with their work was a novella in the Vortex collection of Soviet SF which was called The Second Invasion From Mars. In a small town on the steppe, news of an alien landing is more like gossip and facts are hard to come by. I really enjoyed it and have read it several times. There’s also another translation of it called The Second Martian Invasion.
Their best known work was the novel Roadside Picnic, later filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky as Stalker, which was also the title of the computer game also later developed. In it, there are several quarantined sites around the world at which aliens have landed briefly and left behind various inexplicable items, much as humans might leave rubbish behind after a picnic…

Books by the Strugatskis

Other novels, like the others pictured here, tend towards the fantastical as they portray weird convoluted bureaucracies that varied scientists have to negotiate to achieve anything.
The last major work of theirs I read was The Snail on the Slope, which was apparently published as two separate stories and only when it was published as a book with their chapters alternating did people realise it was a single piece! It’s probably my favourite of the dozen or so novels of theirs I’ve read.

Arkadi died over 20 years ago; now Boris. Oh, well, maybe I’ll go re-read 2nd Martian Invasion.


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New Titles – w/e 24th November 2012

in hardback:

Walter MoersThe Labyrinth of Dreaming Books illustrated sequel to The City of Dreaming Books. Looks fun, as always!
Ellen Datlow & Terri WindlingAfter post-apocalyptic anthology

in large format:

Walter GreatshellTerminal Island searching for his mother, Henry is reminded of some 30 y.o. nightmare images…
Greg BearPrimordium the 2nd book in his Forerunner Saga, set in the pre-history of the HALO game world


Black Static #31

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