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New Titles – w/e 3rd November 2012

in hardback:

Miles CameronThe Red Knight the Knight is a mercenary leader who takes on a job to protect an abbey from a monster…
Jeremy Dyson – The Haunted Book it’s odd to be frightened of a book, or maybe not!
K. W. Jeter & Gareth Jefferson JonesDeath’s Apprentice horror novel based on the works of the Brothers Grimm. Grimm City is built upon Hell, and revolution is in the air!

in large format:

Robert V. S. RedickThe Night of the Swarm the final book of the Chathrand Quartet, which began with The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Ben H. WintersThe Last Policeman an asteroid is heading for Earth and Hank is the last policeman still bothering to try to do his job amidst the growing chaos
Cameron PierceCthulhu Comes to the Vampire Kingdom how can you raise Cthuhlu from the depths when a unicorn colouring boook has to stand in for the Necronomicon!

D. R. O’BrianShakespeare vs. Lovecraft humorous pastiche of the Bard’s characters versus Lovecraftian monsters!

in ‘B’ format:

David BrinExistence an alien artifact is found orbiting Earth. What might it’s significance be?

David TallermanCrown Thief the sequel to Giant Thief, featuring the roguish Easie Damasco
Lee Collins – The Dead of Winter weird/western with vampires!
Kate GriffinStray Souls a companion tp the Matthew Swift series, featuring Sharon, who discovers she’s a shaman…
Kristen PainterOut for Blood the 4th volume of her House of Comarre series

Maurice BroadousThe Knights of Breton Court omnibus edition of the modern-day Arthurian trilogy of King Maker, King’s Justice & King’s War
Sam Weller & Mort Castle (editors) – Shadow Show 26 short stories, celebrating the late Ray Bradbury

in paperback:

Steven L. KentThe Clone Sedition the 8th in the series
Mike ShepherdFurious the 10th Kris Longknife book
Catherine AsaroCarnelians the latest in her Skolian Empire series
Robert ConroyHimmler’s War with Hitler dead in an air raid, should the Allies attempt to negociate with the new fuhrer?

Rhiannon FraterThe First Days the start of the zombie apocalypse!
Ted Dekker & Tosca LeeForbidden decades after the zombie victory, a vial of blood is found that may re-humanise them…
Christiana HenryBlack Lament the 4th in the Madeline Black series
Sandy WilliamsThe Shattered Dark McKenzie, a Shadow Reader, is plunged into a war with the fae
Kelly ArmstrongFrostbitten Elana Michaels is the world’s only female werewolf…

Star Trek TNGThe Persistence of Memory  volume 1 of Cold Equations by David Mack
Star WarsDarth Plagueis set a few decades before A New Hope, written by James Lucano

Alex ArcherCity of Swords the latest Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerNo Man’s Land the latest Death Lands adventure
James AxlerGenesis Sinister the latest Outlanders adventure

art, etc:

Gareth Hanrahan & Peter McKinstryTolkien’s World illustrated hardback guide to the places and peoples of Middle Earth
Daarken – Elysium: The Art of Daarken hardcover full of his (Mike Lim‘s) art

Jean-Luc Cornette & Stephane OiryThrough the Walls several linked pieces with characters who can walk though walls!
Alexandro Jodorowski & Juan GimenezThe Metabarons Ultimate Collection full colour 540 page hardback!

Serge Pelle & Sylvrin RunbergOrbital volume 1: Scars far future graphic novel
Heavy MetalReload collection of art from the magazine, first issued in 2005

magazines, etc:

Hi-Fructose – #25
sci-fi & fantasy modeller – #27


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  1. I’m so looking forward to the new JRR Tolkien Hobbit film. I love Tolkien art and books and I just bought some really nice art prints from I’m hoping to travel to New Zealand over Christmas. I just can’t wait.

    Comment by Shayne | November 7, 2012 | Reply

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