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Signed Books – Stross, Rajaniemi & Banks

The Rapture of the Nerds (£18.99) by Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow is now in, and Charlie should be able to sign copies once he’s back from his Worldcon trip.
(n.b. I’m not able to get Cory to sign copies)

The Fractal Prince (£20.00) by Hannu Rajaniemi, the sequel to 2010’s Quantum Thief is out in a couple of weeks and signed copies will be available.

The Hydrogen Sonata (£20.00) by Iain M. Banks is a new Culture novel, and will be out in early October. Again, signed copies will be available.

Postage within the UK for single copies of any of these hardbacks will be £2.20





September 7, 2012 - Posted by | Announcements, Author News, Signed Books, Transreal New Titles

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