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New Titles – w/e 4th August 2012

in hardback:

Steven EriksonForge of Darkness the 1st volume of a new series, The Kharkana’s Trilogy
Trudi CanavanThe Traitor Queen the final volume in her Traitor Spy Trilogy, which began with The Ambassador’s Mission

G. W. DalquhistThe Alchemikal Marriage the 3rd book in the Glass Books of the Dream Eaters sequence. Strange quasi-Victorian adventure and intrigue!
Tom PollockThe City’s Son there is another city of strangeness and miracles beneath London and an ancient foe has returned…
Ali ShawThe Man Who Rained in Thunderstown the weather can come to life…

Harry TurtledoveCoup D’etat the 4th in his The War That Came Early series, where ww2 started in 1938
James RollinsBloodline the latest Sigma Force adventure

in large format:

Graham McNeillThe Legend of Sigmar fat omnibus edition of Heldenhammer, Empire and God King, together with a 40 page extra story, all set in the Warhammer background.

in ‘B’ format:

Lilith SaintcrowThe Iron Wyrm Affair the 1st Bannon & Clare (she’s a special agent and he’s the next target of a nefarious plot to murder geniuses) adventure, set in a magic & steampunk background… Looks fun

Terry BrooksThe Measure of Magic the 2nd volume of the Legends of Shannara; sequel to Bearwers of the Black Staff
Terry GoodkindThe Omen Machine a new novel featuring Richard & Kathlan from his 12-volume Sword of Truth series…
Rowena Cory DaniellsExile the sequel to Beseiged and part 2  of her Outcast Chronicles
Lev GrossmanThe Magician King the sequel to Potter-esque adventure The Magicians, which I quite enjoyed.
Jim ButcherGhost Story the 13th Dresden File title
Ali ShawThe Girl With Glass Feet Ida is slowly turning into glass…

Madeline AshbyvN Amy is a young humanoid robot whose ‘First Law’ failsafe has failed and she’s on the run!
Tim LebbonThe Heretic Land on a prison island a once-dead weapon is restoring itself…
Gabriella Pierce666 Park Avenue Jane finally meets her fiance’s family!

Jenny DiskiWhat I Don’t Know About Animals a somewhat autobiographical meander through her life and various animals she knows something about… Full of anecdotes and interesting information

in paperback:

David WeberHow Firm a Foundation the 5th in his Safehold series…
Michael CobleyThe Ascendant Stars the 3rd in his Humanity’s Fire set
Jean JohnsonAn Officer’s Duty the 2nd in the Their’s Not to Reason Why sequence; the first was A Soldier’s Duty. Off-planet military sf.
T. C. McCarthyChimera the 3rd in his fairly near future Subterrene War series, which began with Germline
Sharon Lee & Steve MillerGhost Ship the latest adventure in their Liaden Universe

Tom KratmanCountdown: H Hour the 3rd in his military fiction series, Countdown

Kevin J. AndersonThe Key to Creation the final part of his Terra Incognita trilogy
Chris EvansAshes of a Black Frost the final volume of his Iron Elves trilogy

Ilona AndrewsGunmetal Magic a new Kate Daniels adventure, with an additional bonus 100 novella
K. BennettI Ate the Sheriff the 3rd in the Mallory Caine, Zombie at Law series…
Rob ThurmanAll Seeing Eye 1st in a new series; Jason is a cynical psychic for hire, blackmailed by the government to help with a bizarre experiment gone wrong!

Star TrekFallen Gods the latest adventure for the USS Titan and her crew, led by Captain Riker. Written by Michael A. Martin
Star WarsLost Tribe of the Sith and collected stories 8 short stories that appeared as e-books plus a 150 page novella, all by John Jackson Miller

art, etc:

Dougal DixonIf Dinosaurs Were Alive Today large softcover laid out slightly differently from the hardback, with great illustrations of how dinos might fit in to today’s world!


Doctor WhoThe Guardians of Prophecy the Lost Stories #3.4 from Big Finish


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  1. Any chance you’ll be stocking this: Great book, great endorsement from Mike Moorcock.

    Comment by Graeme K Talboys | September 8, 2012 | Reply

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