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New Titles – w/e 2nd June 2012

in hardback:

Gary GibsonThe Thousand Emperors apparently the sequel to Final Days, although the link isn’t immediately obvious! I suspect there’s quite a gap in time between the two books (quite apart from the time travel aspect of it all)

Larry CorreiaThe Monster Hunters omnibus edition containing Monster Hunter: International, Vendetta & Alpha. 1180+ pages…

in large format:

Phillipa BallantineHunter and Fox Talyn lives in a very strange, malleable world where mountains or lakes can alter to be plains or forests, etc. Unknowingly, she carries a chaos creature within her, which has plans of it’s own she knows nothing about…

in ‘B’ format:

Gary GibsonFinal Days Earth is starting to exploit a series of wormholes connecting a dozen far-flung colonies, when a 2nd set is discovered which connect with the future

in paperback:

Terry PratchettSnuff his latest Discworld novel…

Eric BrownThe Devil’s Nebula the 1st in his Weird Space series. Far future sf set in The Expansion, a vast human-ruled area of thousands of planets…
Keith BrookeHarmony Dodge & Hope seek a fabled sanctuary, which might be able to save humanity from the aliens
Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorThreshold the sequel to Boundary, which was great fun. Hunting alien tech buried or scattered throughout the Solar System
Andy RemicToxicity the sequel to Theme Planet, and the 2nd in The Anarchy set

Poul AndersonFlandry’s Legacy the 4th Flandry omnibus (and the 7th Technic Civilization omnibus overall) 800 pages, including A Stone in Heaven, The Game of Empire, A Tragedy of Errors, The Night Face and 2 novellas…

Clive Cussler & Grant BlackwoodThe Kingdom the 3rd Fargo adventure!

David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer (editors) – Year’s best SF 17 Intro not by Ken MacLeod and 23 of the best stories from last year…
Les Johnson & Jack McDevitt (editors) – Going Interstellar a dozen stories and speculative articles from top sf writers and scientists about what the reality might be like!

Lynn FlewellingCasket of Souls the 6th in the Nightrunner series, with the spys Alec and Seregil
Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris – The Janus Affair the 3rd of their Ministry of Peculiar Occurences novels…
Benedict Jacka – Cursed the 2nd Alex Verus novel, about the proprietor of a magic shop in Camden
Jes BattisBleeding Out the 5th OSI case for Occult Special Investigator Tess Corday is when a necromancer is found dead in Vancouver…
Rachel VincentShadow Bound the 2nd in her Unbound trilogy about Shadowwalker Kori Daniels

Kevin J. Anderson (editor) – Blood Lite III: Aftertaste horror anthology

art, etc:

John Freeman (editor) – Sci-Fi Art Now excellent collection of recent art, divided into sections, depending on the subject matter; Incredible Cities, Alien Worlds, Steampunk, etc.
Vincent Zhao (editor) – Fantasy+ #3 latest volume of the ‘Best Hand-Painted Illustrations‘ by 20 current artists

CromwellQuelque Part 1 Humanoids hardback in French and English with several fold-out pages showcasing his art. About half of it appears to be set in the time of the French & Indian Wars and the rest is more modern. Looks great, and reminds me a little of Mattotti.
Luke ChuehThe Art of LC: Bearing the Unbearable full-colour hardcover with a lot of bears!
Phillipe Dupuy & Charles BerberianMonsieur Jean: The Singles Theory hardcover comic strip from Humanoids

Joel Lardner & Paul RobertsThe Digital Art Technique manual for Illustrators and Artists softcover

Thomas Andrae & Carsten LaquaWalt Kelly: The Life and Art of the Creator of Pogo this looks like the definitive work. Hardback.


Locus – April cover date, #615 special art issue
Locus – May cover date

Juxtapoz – June issue
Illustration – issue #37, with a bit of a ‘romance’ theme to the art


May 29, 2012 - Posted by | Transreal New Titles


  1. Belatedly – The Hartwell and Cramer YBSF 17 doesn’t have an intro by me. It has a story by me called ‘The Best Science Fiction of the Year Three’ (think revolutionary calendar!)

    Comment by Ken MacLeod | July 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. Sorry about that, Ken. You and your confusing titles (or my inattention). But it does come immediately after the real intro!

    Comment by transrealfiction | July 3, 2012 | Reply

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