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New Titles – w/e 26th May 2012

in hardback:

Kim Stanley Robinson2312 big sf novel set 300 years in the future. Has a very similar cover to Blue Remembered Earth by Reynolds, which is also a look at the medium-near future… It isn’t a sequel to the Mars books, although they do share some events and names in common.

in large format:

Michael J. WardThe Legion of Shadow the 1st Destiny Quest adventure! Colour insert. It’s a very advanced version of the old Fighting Fantasy adventure book idea but now involving dice throws and so on, not just picking a page to turn to!

in ‘B’ format:

Jack CampbellInvincible the 2nd of his Beyond the Frontier series, continuing the exploits of The Lost Fleet
Philip Jose FarmerThe Other Log of Phileas Fogg reprint of his 1973 novel about the truth behind Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. One of what are now known as Farmer’s Wold Newton novels, which postulate that all sorts of fictional characters like Tarzan, Doc Savage, etc. were real and, iirc, related to each other!

David WingroveSon of Heaven the new 1st volume in his epic Chung Kuo series about the rise of a new Chinese hegemony. The series first appeared in the late 1980s and 90s but has had the beginning completely re-written.

in paperback:

Paul MelkoThe Walls of the Universe John’s doppelganger appears on the farm one day and offers him a chance to visit a parallel world; I really enjoyed the hardback when it came out 3 years ago. This should never have taken so long to come out!
Jack CampbellDreadnaught the 1st of his Beyond the Frontier series, continuing the exploits of The Lost Fleet
David J. GolemonLegacy the 6th Event Group thriller! An ancient human corpse is found on the moon…

David DrakeOut of the Waters 2nd Book of the Elements and the sequel to The Legions of Fire, set in a great Rome-like city called Carce.
Alex BledsoeDark Jenny the 3rd Eddie LaCrosse case…

Jaye WellsBlue-Blooded Vamp the 5th Sabina Kane adventure, as she hunts, and is hunted by, the ancient progenitor of the vampire race…
J. A. PittsHoneyed Words the sequel to Black Blade Blues, in which Sarah repaired an ancient sword…

Mira GrantBlackout the 3rd in her Newsflesh Trilogy, which began with Feed and Deadline

Warhammer 40,000The Primarchs a Horus Heresy anthology edited by Christian Dunn

art, etc:

Jack Vance and Humayoun IbrahimThe Moon Moth graphic novel adaptation of Vance’s classic story


Interzone – issue #240


Doctor WhoTrail of the White Worm Big Finish Classic Doctors series #1.5 with Tom Baker
Doctor WhoThe Jupiter Connection Big Finish audio drama #160 with Peter Davidson


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