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New Titles- w/e 21st April 2012

in hardback:

John BarnesLosers in Space several young teenagers stow away on a spaceship!

large format:

Brent WeeksNight Angel: The Complete Trilogy 1250 pages containing The Way of Shadows, Shadow’s Edge & Beyond the Shadows

A. Bertram ChandlerRide the Star Winds the 4th of his collected John Grimes Saga 9 stories ranging from 20 pages, up to almost 240 pages long. 2 novels, 2 substantial (probably novelette length) stories and 5 others up to 50 pages long…

Ian WatsonSaving for a Rainy Day new short story collection covering the last 5 or 6 years. 15 stories in all

in ‘B’ format:

Mark LawrencePrince of Thorns book 1 of the Broken Empire series. Jorg leads a band of outlaws; the world is in turmoil and chaos but he but must return to his father’s castle…

Kim NewmanThe Bloody Red Baron the 3rd of his Anno Dracula reprints…
Amanda HockingAscend the 3rd part of her Trylle set, which began with Switched and Torn
Pittacus Lore The Power of Six the sequel to I am Number Four (which was also made into a recent movie)

in paperback:

Dana FredstiPlague Town Ashley Parker discovers she is immune to the zombie virus devastating America and is recruited by a shadowy team determined to fight back against it…

A. Bertram ChandlerTo the Galactic Rim the 1st of 4 John Grimes Saga omnibuses appears in paperback, containing 4 of the novels.

art, etc:

Chris Melissinos & Patrick O’RourkeThe Art of Video Games large full-colour hardback!


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