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New Titles – w/e 14th April 2012

in hardback:

John BirminghamAngels of Vengeance the 3rd in his series in which the USA and many other places have collapsed…
Seth Grahame-SmithUnholy Night the writwr of Pride and Predjudice and Zombies turns his attention to the Middle East in 2 B.C.
Brian EvensonImmobility an amnesiac is being carried through a devastated land by two men in HAZMAT suits…
Phil & Kaja FoglioAgatha H. and the Clockwork Princess the 2nd hardback novel of her steampunk adventures!

Jack VanceDream Castles: the Early Jack Vance volume two edited by Terry Dowling & Jonathan Stroud and published by Subterranean Press. I’d argue with the ‘early’ description though as it opens with both Miro Hetzel novellas, which were almost the last shorter pieces he wrote!

Henry KuttnerThunder in the Void the latest collection of his work from Haffner Press, containing 15 of his pulp stories published between 1937 and 1950 plus a short story newly published here which he wrote as a teenager… 10 of them apparently haven’t seen publication since the original pulp magazine appearance!

H. P. LovecraftThe Lovecraft Library #1: Horror Out of Arkham illustrated hardback of 6 of his most famous stories…

in large format:

Mark ChadbournThe Devil’s Looking Glass the 3rd in his Swords of Albion series, it’s 1593 and Doctor John Dee is missing…
Steven BrustTiassa the 13th Vlad Taltos novel…

Albert BrooksTwenty Thirty the actor & director’s 1st novel, about how America is changed by a great natural disaster in the near future…
Brian Francis SlatteryLost Everything in a devastated America, a man journeys up the Susquehanna river looking for his son…
Paul Di FillipoCosmocopia / After the Collapse a rather strange novel (which I really liked in it’s original edition) and a collection of 7 of his short stories, bound back-to-back like an old Ace Double
Dennis E. Showalter & Harold C. Deutsch (editors) – If the Allies Had Fallen serious look at all sorts of scenarios if things had gone differently during ww2

in ‘B’ format:

Robert J’ SawyerWonder the final part of his www trilogy
M. D. LachlanFenrir the sequel to Wolfsangel and the Vikings are besieging Paris but can the defenders pay the terrible price demanded to save their city?
James LovegroveAge of Aztec the 4th in his Pantheon series
Holly BlackRed Glove the 2nd in her Curse Workers series, following on from White Cat

David MoodyAutumn: Purification the 2nd in the Autumn zombie series…
Lynsay SandsVampire, Interrupted the latest in the Argeneau vampire series. Marguerite is 700 years old and finally training for a career – as a private investigator!

in paperback:

Gary McMahonSilent Voices Simon returns to where he and some friends disappeared for a weekend 20 years ago and finds the hummingbirds are flying again!

Warhammer 40,000Phalanx a Soul Drinkers adventure by Ben Counter
WarhammerGotrek and Felix: The Anthology 10 short stories, edited by Christian Dunn

art, etc:

Gary MontalbanoMemories Within Dreams: The Art and Concepts of GM large softcover full of tremendous full-colour art

Christophe Bec & Stefano RaffaelePandemonium softcover from Humanoids
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Georges Bess Son of the Gun #1: Sinner softcover available again from Humanoids


Hi-Fructose – #23


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