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New Titles – w/e 18th February 2012

in hardback:

Matt RuffThe Mirage alternate history where christian fanatics flew several aircraft into key muslim buildings and the United Arab States declared a War on Terror! Fascinating inversion of our history

Robin HobbCity of Dragons the 3rd in her Rain Wilds Chronicles

Jack WhyteThe Forest Laird historical novel of William Wallace. The 1st in his Guardians trilogy

in large format:

Stephen HuntFrom the Deep of the Dark the 6th in his fantasy/steampunk series, this time featuring consulting detective Jethro Daunt (on sale Thursday 16th)
James BarclayRise of the TaiGethen the 2nd book of Elves, and the sequel to Once Walked with Gods
Tony GonzalezTemplar One the latese EVE novel, based on the game

Catherynne M. ValenteDeathless in the early days of the Soviet Union the creatures of Russian folklore must come to terms with Collectivisation and all the other facets of Communism!
Adam NevillThe Ritual 4 friends lost in the Arctic wilderness find an ancient derelict building…
Robert SilverbergThe Chalice of Death omnibus edition of 3 more of his early Ace Double novels. It includes Lest We Forget Thee, Earth (now retitled as the title story), Starhaven and Stepsons of Terra (now called Shadow on the Stars).

Disney’s John Carter: The Movie Novelization the book of the film. written by Stuart Moore, based on the 1912 story (which is also included) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also 8 page colour section
Edgar Rice BurruoghsThe Collected John Carter of Mars volume one elegant volume comprising A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars & Warlord of Mars
Edgar Rice BurruoghsThe Collected John Carter of Mars volume two elegant volume containing Thuvia, Maid of Mars, The Chessmen of Mars, The Master Mind of Mars & A Fighting Man of Mars
Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Collected John Carter of Mars volume three an elegant volume with Swords of Mars, Synthetic Men of Mars, Llana of Ganthol & John Carter of Mars

in ‘B’ format:

Stephen HuntJack Cloudie the 5th in his fantasy/steampunk series; Jack Keats is impressed into the Royal Aerostatical Navy… (on sale Thursday 16th)

Kevin J. Anderson (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards all the short fiction nominees from the 2009 ballot, and more!

Philip K. DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ubik re-issues of 2 of his best, with attractive new covers. I’m sure other titles will follow in due course.

in paperback:

John BarnesDaybreak Zero the sequel to Directive 51. 7 billion are dead and civilisation has pretty much collapsed…

James AxlerPlanet Hate the latest (61st?) of his Outlanders adventures

art, etc:

SparthStructura 2 3 years after the 1st volume, more of his digital art
Roy G. KrenkelSavage Worlds b&w art mainly from the early 60s, but with some up to the mid 1970s… Heroic stuff!
beinArt PublishingMetamorphosis hardcover collecting work by ‘50 Contemporary, Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists

Stanislaw Lem, A. Klimowski & D. SchejbalRobots… graphic versions of 2 of Lem’s short stories, Uranium Earpeices and The Sanatorium of Dr. Viperdius
David Munoz, Tirso & Javi MontesWhispers in the Walls dark gothic fantasy story published by Humanoids
Alexandro Jodorowski & MoebiusMadwoman of the Sacred Heart new printing
Ice AgeIced In short full-colour adventure featuring Manny and all the others from the Ice Age films. Good fun!


Illustration – issue #14 eclectic mix of various 20th C art, including a feature on  John Berkey; it’s not just space art!
21st Century Modeller – #1 futuristic modelling from Happy Medium Press. Dated January 2067 and presumably a one-off issue.

toys, etc:

Alien Plush Facehuggers back in stock.


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