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New Titles – w/e 11th February 2012

in hardback:

Raymond E. FeistA Crown Imperilled war rages in Midkemia and the Conclave of Shadows must act! (on sale Monday13th)
Chris BeckettDark Eden 6 generations after the disaster 532 people hang on to survival, and then one of them abandons the old ways… looks very interesting

Rudy RuckerNested Scrolls his autobiography. Pretty sure the shop (named after a term he coined) doesn’t get a namecheck!

in large format:

Charles de LintEyes Like Leaves Vikings come to quiet Kellmidden…
Tim PrattBriarpatch Darrin loses his job but finds his way to the Briarpatch, which may be the crawlspace of the universe. Or not. Something very strange, anyway.

Eduardo Jimenez Mayo & Chris N. Brown (editors) – Three Messages and a Warning anthology of recent fantastical Mexican fiction. 34 short stories and an intro by Bruce Sterling

in ‘B’ format:

Geoffrey WilsonLand of Hope and Glory alternate history where India rules supreme in 1852, but there’s a revolt in far-away North West Europe…
Sam SykesBlack Halo the sequel to Tome of the Undergates and part 2 of The Aeon Gate set
Kristen BritainBlackveil the 4th in the series that began with Green Rider
Stephen DeasThe Order of the Scales the 3rd in the series that began with The Adamantine Palace and The King of the Crags
Jonathan L. HowardJohannes Cabal: The Fear Institute the 3rd in the series

Jonathan MaberryThe King of Plagues the 3rd in the Joe Ledger series that began with Patient Zero

Stuart ClarkThe Sky’s Dark Labyrinth historical novelisation about the lives of Kepler and Galileo

Harlan Ellison (editor) – Dangerous Visions reprint of the ground-breaking 1967 anthology. 33 stories, many of them now classics

Cory DoctorowThe Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow another in the PM Press Outspoken Authors series. This one has the title story – almost 100 pages – an essay, an interview and a bibliography
Michael Moorcock Modem Times 2.0 plus… another in the PM Press Outspoken Authors series. This one has an 80+ page Jerry Cornelius story, an autobiographical piece, and interview and a bibliography

in paperback:

Katharine KerrApocalypse to Go the 3rd Secret Agent Nola O’Grady adventure
Rachel CaineUnbroken the 4th in her Outcast Season series with Cassiel the Djinn
Thomas E. SniegoskiA Hundred Words for Hate the 4th book with Remy Chandler, outcast angel
P. R. FrostForest Moon Rising the 4th Tess Noncoire adventure…

Martin H. Greenberg & Kerrie Hughes (editors) – Westward Weird anthology of original weird western and steampunk stories…


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