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New Titles – w/e 4th February 2012

in hardback:

Glen CookA Path to Coldness of Heart the final book in his Dread Empire series
Matthew ReillyScarecrow and the Army of Thieves appears to be quite similar to, but much longer than, his novella Hell Island, which came out a few years back.

in large format:

Gene WolfeHome Fires a long distance relationship, complicated by time dilation problems as one of them goes off to fight in space and they age at different rates…

Paula BracksronThe Witch’s Daughter a young girl befriends an older woman, who turns out to be much older!
J. M. McDermottWhen We Were Executioners the sequel to Never Knew Another and the 2nd in the Dogsland Trilogy

F. Paul WilsonSecret Vengeance the 3rd of the Jack series, featuring the young Repairman Jack

Philip K. DickThe Crack in Space attractive-looking reprint

in ‘B’ format:

Walter Jon WilliamsThe Fourth Wall the 3rd novel to feature game designer Dagmer Shaw. The previous ones were This is not a Game and Deep State

R. Scott BakkerThe White-Luck Warrior sequel to The Judging Eye, and the 2nd in his Aspect Emperor series
Raymond E. FeistA Kingdom Besieged the 1st book of The Chaoswar Saga, the latest series to be set in Midkemia
Gail Z. MartinThe Dread sequel to The Sworn and the 2nd in the Fallen Kings Cycle
James MaxeyGreatshadow the 1st of the Dragon Apocalypse series; Infidel is a mercenary who’s looking to score big and finally retire…

Richelle MeadShadow Heir the 4th Dark Swan novel, featuring Eugenie Markham

Rachel AaronThe Legend of Eli Monpress omnibus edition containing The Spirit Thief, The Spirit Rebellion & The Spirit Eater. He’s the greatest thief of the age, and has an outragously grand plan in mind…
David DrakeVoyage Across the Stars 660+ page omnibus containing 2 Hammer’s Slammers books: Cross the Stars and The Voyage. Also an intro by the author and another by Cecelia Holland
Jack Campbell –
Burden of Proof previously issued in 2003 as by John G. Hemry, about a minor officer put on the spot while investigating a death on board his spaceship. Volume 1 of Jag in Space

Warhammer 40,000Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus two full novels, Red Fury & Black Tide, together with several shorter pieces by James Swallow. 680 pages or so.

in paperback:

Frederik PohlAll the Lives He Led in 2079 Brad works in a theme park but gets caught up in a terrorist conspiracy…
Myke ColeShadow Ops: Control Point people are waking up with all sorts of magical powers, but the Supernatural Operations Corps are ready for them!
M. J. LockeUp Against It  in-system space adventure set in the asteroid belt; I enjoyed the hardback
Eric Flint & K. D. WentworthThe Crucible of Empire the sequel to The Course of Empire
Keith Laumer & Rosel George BrownEarthblood and other stories the title novel, 3 linked Laumer Niss stories, and 6 stories by Brown. Around 700 pages.
David WeberIn Fire Forged the 5th Worlds of Honor volume with novellas by Jane Lindskold and Timothy Zahn, a complete short novel, “Lets Dance”, by Weber, and a couple of appendices about weapons in the Honorverse

Star TrekThe Rings of Time the latest adventure from James Cox; Captain Kirk finds himself thrown back in time…

Gail Z. MartinThe Dread the 2nd in the Fallen Kings Cycle, following on from The Sworn
James MaxeyGreatshadow the 1st of the Dragon Apocalypse series; Infidel is a mercenary who’s looking to score big and finally retire…
Peter OrullionThe Unremembered war threatens as ancient foes march against the peaceful Aeshau Vaal once again
David Anthony DurhamSacred Band the 3rd in his Acacia trilogy
David TallermanGiant Thief the 1st of the Tales of Easie Damasco, a light-fingered rogue and ladykiller
Sharon LeeCarousel Tides in Maine, Kate Archer guards a strange carousel…
Lyn McConnachieThe Questing Road seeking a sacrifice for their god, 3 people blunder through a dimensional gate…

Patricia BriggsRiver Masked the 6th Mercy Thompson novel
Mark del FrancoUndone Deeds the 6th Connor Grey novel
A. Lee MartinezChasing the Moon Diana finds her perfect apartment, but it has monsters living in it!
Carrie VaughnAfter the Golden Age the power-less daughter of a superhero tries to make a life for herself away from the spotlight…
Jaye Wells – Silver-Tongued Devil the 5th Sabina Kane novel
E. S. MooreTo Walk the Night Kat Redding protects the world from vampires, but she is one herself…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCold Vengeance the latest case for Agent Pendergast

Warhammer – Luthor Huss the latest novel by Chris Wraight
Warhammer 40,000The Emperor’s Finest the 7th book featuring Ciaphas Cain, by Sandy Mitchell. The previous 6 are available in 2 omnibus volumes…

art, etc:

Roman DirgeThe Art of… hardback, mainly colour with a brief b&w section
Stephan MartiniereVelocity mainly finished pieces in full colour, but also some preliminary sketches, etc. Hardback

Patrick Wilshire & J. David Spurlock (editors) – The Art of the Dragon excellent full colour hardcover with art from a dozen of the best fantasy artists of the past 30 years. Vallejo, Whelan, Parkinson, Eggleton and 8 others, all with some text about their art

Ron EnglishStickable Art Offenses hundreds of stickers of his art. Not always in the best of taste!

Studio GhibliThe Art of The Secret World of Arrietty masses of art from early sketches to finished cells from their latest film. Also includes the complete  ‘voiceover’ script

Chris Wooding & Cassandra DiazPandemonium full-colour fantasy graphic novel

Star WarsMillennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual. A Haynes manual for the Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter compiled by Ryder Windham, Chris Reiff & Chris Trevas. Hardback

Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention hardback celebrating the Jules Verne-like adventures of Frank Reade, hero of early 20th C dime novels and cheap comics! Great fun, heavily illustrated with all sorts of unlikely inventions. Compiled and added to by Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett


Locus – January cover date, #612; the late Anne McCaffrey on the cover

Heavy Metal – March cover date
Juxtapoz – February cover date


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