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New Titles – w/e 24th December 2011

in hardback:

James RollinsThe Devil Colony the latest Sigma Force adventure, after a short break for Altar of Eden. Hundreds of ancient mummies and buried treasure are found at Yellowstone…

John C. WrightCount to a Trillion decyphering an alien monument drives mathematician Montrose mad; 200 years later he’s revived and everything’s changed… but he still has a job to do!

Clark Ashton SmithThe Miscellaneous Writings of CAS an extra 6th volume to the 5 volume set recently issued by Night Shade Books of  his short fiction. Originally only available to direct subscribers, now available to all. Includes a 40 page introduction by CAS scholar and fan Donald Sidney -Fryer and a 10 page foreward by the set’s editors, Scott Conners and Ron Hilger.

in large format:

Greg Bear – Primordium the 2nd book in the Forerunner Saga, set in the Halo game universe
Stan NichollsInferno the 3rd volume of Orcs: Bad Blood

Madeleine RouxSadie Walker is Stranded the sequel to Alison Hewitt is Trapped. Zombies in Seattle.
David MoodyDisintegration the latest Autumn zombie novel

Catheryne M. ValenteThe Folded World the 2nd part of A Dirge for Prester John. Part 1 was The Habitation of the Blessed

Marty Halpern (editor) – Alien Contact the best stories on the theme from the past 30 years…very strong line-up of authors
Fritz LeiberSelected Stories edited by Jonathan Strahan and the late Charles N. Brown. The best collection of Leiber since the massive Dark Harvest Leiber Chronicles 20 years ago…

in ‘B’ format:

Brandon SandersonWarbreaker stand alone epic fantasy
Ian WhatesCity of Light and Shadow the 3rd in his City of a Hundred Rows sequence. The monstrous rust warriors have returned!

Adam ChristopherEmpire State  in an alternate Prohibition-era Manhatten, jaded superheroes bicker with each other rather than fighting crime… Looks fun!

in paperback:

Andy RemicCloneworld the 4th of his Combat K military sf novels

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