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New Titles – w/e 10th December 2011

in hardback:

Joe HaldemanEarthbound the 3rd in his Marsbound set; aliens have destroyed the moon and set civilisation back centuries…
Harry TurtledoveSupervolcano: Eruption Yellowstone is set for a cataclysmic eruption…
Robert ConroyHimmler’s War what if Hitler had died in June 1944…
Michael Crichton & Richard PrestonMicro the novel Crichton was working on when he died, finished by Preston. The incredible shrinking men…

WarhammerBlood of Aenarion a Tyrion & Teclis adventure by William King

in large format:

A. Bertram ChandlerGalactic Courier the 3rd of 4 John Grimes omnibus collections , containing the novels Star Courier, To Keep the Ship, Matilda’s Stepchildren and Star Loot

Patricia A.McKillipThe Bards of Bone Plain her latest complex fantasy novel
P. C. HodgellHonor’s Paradox the 6th of her long-running Kencyrath series. Jane must survive the school for warriors which she attends…

Robert Charles WilsonA Bridge of Years reprint of one of his early novels; I enjoyed it a lot back in about 1991!
Paolo BagigalupiPump Six 10 short stories from the author of The Windup Girl

Dungeons & DragonsEd Greenwood Presents Waterdeep Book II omnibus edition containing City of the Dead, The God Catcher and Circle of Skulls, all set in the Forgotten Realms background…

in ‘B’ format:

Sherri S. TepperThe Waters Rising fantasy set in a world of rising sea-levels…

Max BerryMachine Man the latest blackly humourous novel from the author of Jennifer Government; Charles Neumann sees losing a leg as an opportunity rather than a tragedy!

Michael J. SullivanRise of Empire subtitled Fortune Favours the Thief the 2nd volume of The Riyria Revelations epic fantasy series. Volume 1, Theft of Swords: Sometimes You Have to Steal Glory also arrived; a thief and a mercenary become unwilling scapegoatsin an assassination attempt…
Sarah PinboroughThe Shadow of the Soul sequel to A Matter of Blood and part 2 of the Dog-Faced Gods series

Cecelia HollandFloating Worlds complex politics among the planets of the Solar System. An SF Masterworks edition of this mid 70s novel
Robert E. HowardConan the Indomitable 1st of three books collecting the original Conan stories in chronological order.

in paperback:

Brett PattonMecha Corps Matt Lowell is in a mecha weapon suit training camp on a backward planet called Earth… 1st in the Armor Wars series
Gini KochAlien Proliferation the 5th in the series that began with Touched by an Alien
Nancy A. CollinsLeft Hand Magic the sequel to Right Hand Magic, again set in the magical New York district of Golgotham
E. E. KnightMarch in Country the 9th in the Vampire Earth series…

Martin H. Greenberg & Jennifer Brozek (editors) – Human for a Day strong anthology of original stories
Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Under the Vale and other tales of Valdemar original anthology of stories set in the world of Valdemar

David GaiderAsunder the 1st novel set in the Dragon Age gaming background, written by it’s lead writer.

Dungeons & DragonsCry of the Ghost Wolf the 3rd of the Forgotten Realms series Chosen of Nendawen, written by Mark Sehestedt
Dungeons & DragonsThe Last Garrison by Matthew Beard
Dungeons & DragonsDeath March a Dark Sun novel by Robert J. Schwald


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