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New Titles – w/e 5th November 2011

in hardback:

Jack McDevittFirebird the 6th Alex Benedict book
Steve WhiteWolf Among the Stars sequel to Eagle Against the Stars

Tanya HuffThe Wild Ways sequel to The Enchanted Emporium
Mercedes LackeyBeauty and the Werewolf the 6th book of the Five Hundred Kingdoms

Umberto EcoThe Prague Cemetery complex historical novel set in 19th C Europe…

in large format:

Patrick Rothfuss – The Wise Man’s Fear the 2nd volume of the Kingkiller Chronicle; the 1st book was The Name of the Wind
Michael CobleyThe Ascendant Stars the 3rd in his Humanity’s Fire sequence, following on from Seeds of Earth and The Orphaned Worlds

Nathan LarsonThe Dewey Decimal System Dewey is a minor fixer and muscle for the D.A. in a post-collapse New York who gets involved where he shouldn’t…
Alex BledsoeThe Hum and the Shiver a secretive clan who  have been living in the Smoky Mountains since pre-Columbian times… The set up reminds me of Zenna Henderson‘s People stories…
Carol BergSong of the Beast reprint of her 2003 fantasy novel

Maureen F. McHughAfter the Apocalypse short story collection

in ‘B’ format:

Tad Williams Shadowheart the 4th in his Shadowmarch epic
John ConnollyHell’s Bells subtitled Samuel Johnston vs. the Devil round II
Peter CrowtherDarkness Falling the 1st in his new Forever Twilight series, set in a world where the sun never shines…

Ian Whates (editor) – Solaris Rising new stories from some of the best of British sf authors…

in paperback:

Elizabeth BearThe Sea Thy Mistress the sequel to All the Windwracked Stars
Glen CookSurrender to the Will of the Night the 3rd in his Instrumentalities of the Night set
Steven HarperThe Doomsday Vault the 1st in his steampunk  Clockwork Empire series

Harry TurtledoveAtlantis and Other Places short story collection, leading off with the 70 page  Audubon in Atlantis, followed by 11 others in various settings
Martin H. Greenberg & Russell Davis (editors) – Courts of the Fey original anthology

Celia JeromeFire Works in the Hamptons the 3rd adventure for artist Willow Tate, who can draw magical beings…
F. Paul WilsonFatal Error the 14th Repairman Jack novel
Devon MonkMagic on the Line the 7th Allie Beckstrom adventure

Kylie ChanWhite Tiger and Red Phoenix the 1st 2 parts of the Dark Harvest trilogy; part 3 came in last week.
Aliette de BodardHarbinger of the Storm the 1st volume of Obsidian & Blood. v3 came in last week…

Dungeons & DragonsBrimstone Angels the latest Neverwinter adventure in the Forgotten Realms background, by Erin M. Evans

art, etc:

Amid AmidiThe Art of PIXAR hardback with loads of full colour art
Chris GuiseThe Art of the Adventures of Tintin hardback full of art and images, etc. from the new Spielberg film…
Harald BelkerPulse concept art from Design Studio Press, subtitles ‘the Complete Guide to Future Racing

Milo ManaraManara volume one the 1st of 9 hardback volumes from Dark Horse collecting his art. This contains Indian Summer and The Paper Man, both created in collaboration with Hugo Pratt, together with other material
Jacques TardiThe Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec #1 – Pterror Over Paris and The Eiffel Tower Demon hardback volume collecting her adventures!
Paul Korasik (editor) – I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! softcover collecting the full-colour exploits of Stardust, the Super Wizard, who was a Superman type of character around 1940 or so created by Fletcher Hanks

Yuichi YokoyamaColor Engineering manga-sized softcover of his art; full colour, with some Japanese text
Ed RothStencil 201 book about creating stencils with tips on technique, etc. It includes 25 reuseable plastic template sheets.

Tarot of the Pirates full tarot deck with a pirate theme!


Juxtapoz – November cover date

2012 calendars:

Luis RoyoOfficial 2012 wall calendar
Victoria FrancesGothic Art 2012

TintinThe Adventures of Tintin with images from the new film
Vintage Sci-Fi – pulp magazine covers!

Fractal CosmosThe Art of Alice Kelly wall calendar
Theodore GreyThe Elements: The Photographic 2012 Engagement Calendar with every known atom in the universe!

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