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New Titles – w/e 29th October 2011

in large format:

Eric BrownThe Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne his imagined science-fictional life in which he goes on an extended trip with Robur! (as in Robur the Conqueror)

Jonathan MaberryDead of Night zombies

in ‘B’ format:

Hannu RajaniemiThe Quantum Thief very well received far future hard sf novel now in paperback
Greg BearHull Zero Three a man wakes up naked on a spaceship, and it seems to be under attack…

R. J. Frith – The Nemesis List Frank Pak takes a job escorting a runaway back to his home planet, but the runaway is actually the outcome of an extreme genetic experiment…

Richard FordKultus steampunk novel featuring Thaddeus Blaklok
Kate ElliottCold Magic the 1st in her Spiritwalker trilogy…
Maurice BroaddusKing’s War the 3rd Knights of Bretton Court novel…

Russell HobanAngelica Lost and Found a character (Volatore the hippogriff!) from Orlando Furioso escapes from the poem after several hundred years and finds himself in present day San Francisco!
Italo CalvinoInto the War 3 pieces about his wartime experiences; Into the War, The Avanguardisti in Menton and UNPA Nights, translated by Martin McLaughlin

in paperback:

Robert Jordan & Brandon SandersonTowers of Midnight the 13th and penultimate volume of The Wheel of Time!

Jack McDevittEcho the 5th Alex Benedict novel
Steven KentThe Clone Redemption the 7th in the series…
Mike ShepherdKris Longknife: Daring the 9th in the series
John RingoCitadel the 2nd in  his Troy Rising trilogy and the sequel to Live Free or Die
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller – Mouse & Dragon the latest Liaden Universe adventure

Eric FlintWorlds short fiction, with a 90+ page story in the Belisarius background, over 300 pages of 1632 stories, a 200 page Honor Harrington, and several more!
Christopher AnvilThe Power of Illusion the 8th and last in Baen‘s series of reprins. This one has 22 stories mainly from the 1960s, with a couple of more recent ones

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildGideon’s Sword the 1st Gideon Crew thriller…

Kelly MedingTrance ex-telepath Teresa West suddenly regains her powers. Now she must find out how and why!
Kylie ChanBlue Dragon  the 3rd in the Dark Heavens series. Emma is married to a failing Chinese god 3,000 years old…
Aliette de BodardMaster of the House of Darts the 3rd in the Obsidian & Blood series, set in pre-Columbian Central America…

Star TrekTo Brave the Storm the latest Romulan War novel in the ST Enterprise series, by Michael A. Martin
Star WarsRiptide the latest Legacy of the Force book, by Paul S. Kemp


Black Static – issue #25 with fiction by Alison Littlewood and Christopher Fowler, among others


Doctor WhoThe Silver Turk Big Finish adventure #153
Doctor WhoThe Elite The Lost Stories #3.1 from Big Finish


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