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New Titles – w/e 15th October 2011

in hardback:

Terry PratchettSnuff the new Discworld novel; Sam Vimes goes on holiday…

Vernor VingeThe Children of the Sky the 3rd in his far future set that began with A Fire Upon the Deep and  then A Deepness in the Sky
Joan SlonczewskiThe Highest Frontier her first novel for 11 years.  Fun looking YA novel set on an orbiting space academy…
Richard MorganThe Cold Commands sequel to The Steel Remains. Fantasy

Clive Cussler & Justin ScottThe Race the 4th Isaac Bell adventure, this time set in the world of early aeronautics
Graham MastertonPetrified horror

in large format:

Orson Scott CardPathfinder the 1st volume in his new Pathfinder series; Rigg discovers that not only can he see the past, but he can also change it…
Chris EvansAshes of a Black Frost book 3 of The Iron Elves series
Charles deLintLittle (Grrl) Lost unhappy T.J. meets a 6″ tall punk who lives Borrower-like in her new home’s walls!

John EversonThe Pumpkin Man Hallowe’en horror

Steven BrustThe Book of Dzur the latest omnibus, comtaining the 2 Vlad Taltos novels, Dzur and Jhegaala
Angels of Darkness – quartet of novellas featuring Fallen Angels from Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, Sharon Shinn and Nalini Singh
Julie Czerneda & Susan MacGregor (editors) – Tesseracts Fifteen the latest volume in this original anthology series

Frederik PohlPlatinum Pohl collection of his best stories
Robin Wilson (editor) – Paragons short stories and accompanying essays from a dozen top authors, including Greg Bear, Bruce Sterling and Lucius Shephard

in ‘B’ format:

Markus HeitzThe Revenge of the Dwarves 3rd in the series which began with The Dwarves and The War of the Dwarves. Translated from the original German by Sheelagh Alabaster

Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler  – Crescent Dawn the latest Dirk Pitt adventure
Karel CapekRUR and War With the Newts the latest in Gollancz‘s SF Masterworks series. RUR is a play almost 70 pages long, so they’ve also included his novel of invasion from the sea by reptilians…

Keith LaumerGreylorn early sf novella re-issued by Wildside.

in paperback:

Christine CodyIn Blood We Trust 3rd in the Bloodlands series
Sara DouglassThe Devil’s Diadem plague, and worse, comes to 12th Century England…

art, etc:

Prof. M. C. WaldropSteampunk Sourcebook copyright-free illustration fom Dover, both b&w and colour. Includes all the art on a cd-rom at the end
M. C. EscherPop Ups large pop-up book of his art, with paper architecture and design by Courtney, Watson & McCarthy

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