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New Titles – w/e 8th October 2011

in hardback:

David WeberA Beautiful Friendship 1st in a new Star Kingdom series featuring the young Stephanie Harrington. She and her family move to the planet Sphinx, home of the treecats…
Taylor AndersonFirestorm the 6th in the Destroyermen series about the USS Walker and her crew, thrown into another world…

Mercedes LackeyChanges the 3rd in her Valdemar-based Collegium series

Dungeons & DragonsNeverwinter the 2nd book in R. A. Salvatore’s Neverwinter Saga, set in the Forgotten Realms
Peter V. BrettBrayan’s Gold novella from Subterranean Press, set in the same world as The Painted Man

in large format:

Matthew FlamingThe Kingdom of Ohio in an alternate America, a little bit of Ohio remains independent. Meanwhile, in New York a mysterious woman turns up and Tesla and Edison argue over the exact course the new Subway tunnels should take… I enjoyed the hardback a couple of years ago…
Robert SilverbergThe Planet Killers omnibus edition containing 3 of his early sf novels; The Plot Against Earth, The Planet Killers and One of Our Asteroids is Missing. Published by Planet Stories

in ‘B’ format:

N. K. JemisinKingdom of Gods the 3rd in the Inheritance Trilogy, which started with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Kristen PainterFlesh and Blood the sequel to Blood Rights; volume 2 of the House of Comarre, The Covenant has been broken and Chrysabelle must venture again to the hidden vampire city…

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonRising Tides the 5th in his Destroyermen series, about an aging ww2 warship and it’s crew, now displaced into a very alternate history…
Ben BovaLeviathans of Jupiter 20 years after the last manned mission to explore Jupiter failed, another attempt to find intelligent life there is sent…

Lee Arthur ChaneMagebane all magic is confined behind The Barrier in Evrenfels and Lord Falk is determined to break out and conquer the lands beyond!
Mercedes LackeyIntrigues the 2nd in her Collegium series, set in Valdemar
Piers AnthonyKnot Gneiss the 34th Xanth adventure. Wenda Woodknife is sent on a mission by Good Magician Humphrey…

Laura ResnickVamparazzi – the 4th Esther Diamond novel
D. D. BarantBetter Off Undead the 4th of the Bloodhound Files
Barb HendeeIn Memories We Fear the 4th Vampire Memories novel
Stephan PetruchaDead Man Walking Hessius Mann was wrongfully executed, and so the State brought him back to life…

art, etc:

Digital Art Masters – Volume 6 large softcover from 3dtotal Publishing with dozens of artists talking about their art from the initial sketches to
the finished pieces
Gary Martin with Steve RudeThe Art of Comic Book Inking featuring art and tips, etc. from 30+ artists

Greg RuthThe 52 Weeks Project hardback with a b&w picture a week for 2 years…

Moebius & Alejandro JodorowskiThe Incal full colour hardback of the complete story. Looks great!


Juxtapoz – October cover date
Locus – September cover date, issue #608. Jay Lake on the cover


Conan the Barbarian 12 full colour covers from the comic by the likes of Gil Kane and Neal Adams


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