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New Titles – w/e 6th August 2011

in hardback:

S. M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove, Jody Lynn Nye & John Ringo and Michael Z. Williamson  – Exiled: Clan of the Claw shared world anthology of 4 novellas, set in a world where dinosaurs didn’t become extinct and mammals evolved differently…
Kat RichardsonDownpour the 6th and final Greywalker novel…

in large format:

Phil & Kaja FoglioAgatha H and the Airship City novel featuring the girl genius Agatha Clay…
Lee CarrollThe Watchtower sequel to vampire novel Black Swan Rising

John Klima (editor) – Happily Ever After a re-imagining of over 30 fairy tales, by many of the top authors in fantasy
Ellen Datlow (editor) – The Best Horror of the Year volume three 21 of the top horror stories from 2010

in ‘B’ format:

Brian RuckleyThe Edinburgh Dead new novel from the author the Godless World trilogy. Set in 1828, it’s a change of pace for him, but it looks good.

Kim HarrisonPale Demon the 9th of her Rachel Morgan books…
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonHellhole far-future rebellion on a hell planet populated by criminals…

Torchwood: Long Time Dead a prequel, apparently, to the tv series, written by Sarah Pinborough

in paperback:

Rob ThurmanBasilisk the 2nd of the Korsak Brothers adventures, following on from Chimera
Katharine KerrWater to Burn the 2nd of her Nola O’Grady novels; she’s now head of the secretive Agency…
Kat Richardson Labyrinth the 5th in her Greywalker series
Rachel CaineWorking Stiff the 1st in her new Revivalist series Bryn Davis takes a job at a mortuary, and finds that the owners are running a weird scam involving zombies…
Justin GustainisSympathy for the Devil the latest case for Morris & Chastain as they battle a demon who wants the body it’s inhabiting to become President…

Richard KadreyKill the Dead the 2nd Sandman Slim novel, about a man who has escaped from Hell

Violette MalanPath of the Sun the 4th Dhulyn and Parno adventure, in which the princess they are escorting is killed, and they must track the killer through an ancient labyrinth…
David ChandlerDen of Sin the 1st of the Ancient Blades Trilogy, set in the Free City of Ness

Diane DuaneOmnitopia Dawn the 1st in a new series about a plot to destroy a hugely popular VR world everybody uses in the future…
Todd McCaffreyDragongirl the latest hefty Pern story

Dungeons & DragonsOath of Vigilance the 2nd in the Abyssal Plague trilogy, previously marketed as a Forgotten Realms series. Written by James Wyatt.

art, etc:

Jay StrongmanSteampunk: The Art of Victorian Futurism excellent hardback, full of close-ups of models, sculpture etc.
Fred TabaraMasters of American Illustration large hardcover with art from, and essays about, 41 artists from the last century. Looks excellent. And heavy!

Ray Bradbury & Ron Wimberley (artist) – Something Wicked This Way Comes authorised b&w graphic adaptation of the classic story
Ray Bradbury & Dennis Calero (artist) – The Martian Chronicles authorised full colour graphic adaptation of the classic story

Cecil & CorbeyranThe Bombyce Network the latest full colour adventure from Humanoids
HumanoidsMetal Hurlant Collection #2 the 2nd retrospective hardback of the magazine. English text

Fred Van Lente & Ryan DunlaveyThe More Than Complete Action Philosophers! 300 pages collecting the b&w comics
Anders NilsenDogs & Water mainly b&w line drawings of the strips, in hardback


Heavy Metal – September cover date
Hi-Fructose – volume #20 (issue #3 this year)
Juxtapoz – August Cover date

Locus – July cover date, issue #606


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