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New Titles – w/e 18th June 2011

in hardback:

Elspeth CooperSongs of the Earth Gair may be burnt at the stake by the Church Knights. The only escape is to find the secretive, and also persecuted, Guardians of the Veil. Part 1 of The Wild Hunt.
Kim HarrisonSomething Deadly This Way Comes her 3rd Madison Avery book

Steven PressfieldThe Profession in the near future, a rogue general has seized the Mid-East oilfields…

in large format:

Sam SykesBlack Halo the sequel to Tome of the Undergates and volume 2 of The Aeon’s Gate
Kristen BritainBlackveil volume 4 of her Green Rider series. The Green Riders must venture into the Blackveil again, but others also seek answers there…
Holly BlackRed Glove the sequel to White Cat; The Curse Workers volume 2

Derryl MurphyNapier’s Bones set in something like our world, Dom is a Numerate, who can use numbers and maths as magic.

John MedlerQuatrain Nostrodamus wrote 1000 prophecies, but 58 of them have been missing until now!
Paul MalmontThe Chinatown Death Cloud Peril a modern take on pulp adventure, featuring some of the pulp greats as characters…

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – Eclipse Four a little late, but worth the wait. 14 sf stories from top authors including Michael Swanwick, Jo Walton and Gwyneth Jones

in ‘B’ format:

Dmitry GlukhovskyMetro 2033 after the apocalypse, the remnants of humanity live underground in the Moscow Metro tunnels…

Clifford D. SimakCity SF Masterworks edition of his classic novel from 1951, and possibly his only major work that I haven’t read. Probably rectify that soon!
Christopher PriestFugue for a Darkening Island SF Masterworks edition of his 1st novel, from 1971. A global disaster sparks unstoppable immigration to the UK

in paperback:

Tim WaggonerDark War the 3rd Matt Richter adventure. The 1st was Nekropolis

art, etc:

Dr. Grymm with Barbe Saint John1000 Steampunk Creations 300 page softcover full of art, artifacts, gizmos and fashion from the world of steamounk! Full colour thoughout.
Sarah Skeate & Nicola TedmanSteampunk Softies softcover with full patterns and instructions for making 8 different steampunk figures! Not the most serious steampunk-related book I’ve seen!

Jim WoodringCongress of the Animals hardcover textless graphic novel, mainly featuring Frank

Black & White Images: Fifth Special Collection great looking collection of art from 1890 – 1922 drawn from the Vadeboncoeur Collection
The Vadeboncoeur Collection of Images Issue Twelve full colour art, mainly from the early 20th C.

Discovery ChannelDinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators neat 120 page comic-sized book, with little graphic novel style chapters about 10 major dinos! Nice art by Caio Cacau.


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