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New Titles – w/e 11th June 2011

in hardback:

Simon R. GreenFor Heaven’s Eyes Only the 5th in his Secret Histories series featuring Shaman Bond
Mercedes LackeyUnnatural Issue the 6th in her Elemental Masters series…

James P. BlaylockThe Affair of the Chalk Cliffs a new Langdon St. Ives steampunk adventure; signed edition from Subterranean Press

Allan SteeleHex the 3rd of his Coyote Universe series, and the 8th Coyote book overall…

Clive Cussler & Grant BlackwoodThe Kingdom the 3rd advenure for professional treasure seekers Sam & Remi Fargo!

in large format:

Daniel H. WilsonRobopocalypse a spontaneously created AI known as Archos turns all computers and technology against humans!
Kristine Kathryn RuschCity of Ruins sequel to Diving into the Wreck far-future space adventure!

Mary Robinette KowalShades of Milk and Honey a lady of quality must know some magic, and Jane Ellsworth knows plenty but life is still passing her by…

Rachel Caine & Kerrie L. Hughes (editors) – Chicks Kick Butt 13 new stories by some of the biggest names in dark fantasy…

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsTerminal World set in a strange distant-future world with different zones of a gigantic spire-city having differing levels of technology available to them; I really enjoyed the hardback last year.
Steven Amsterdam – Things We Didn’t See Coming society’s collapse, and it’s awkward resurrection, told over a series of chapters spanning one man’s life. I enjoyed the hardback.
Georg MannThe Immorality Engine the 3rd Newbury & Hobbes case; steampunk

Warhammer 40,000Battle of the Fang the latest Space Marines Battles novel by Chris Wraight

Naomi NovikTongues of Serpents the 6th in her Temeraire series, with the action now relocated to Australia
Chris WoodingThe Black Lung Captain the 2nd of the Tales of the Ketty Jay, following on from Retribution Falls. Fantasy with airship pirates, treasure and lost civilisations!

Joe HillHorns public opinion, but not the Courts, thinks Ig is a murderer – and now he’s grown horns and knows people’s darkest secrets…

in paperback:

Todd McCaffreyDragongirl his 4th solo book set in the Dragonriders of Pern world made famous by his mother, Anne
Simon R. GreenFrom Hell With Love the 4th of the Secret Histories, featuring demon fighter Shaman Bond
Irene RadfordThistle Down Dusty never forgot her supposedly imaginary Pixie friends from her childhood – and now their woodland is threatened…
Naomi NovikTongues of Serpents the 6th of her Temeraire series about the Napoleonic Wars with added dragons! In this one the action moves to Australia…

Kevin HearneHexed the 2nd in his Iron Druid Chronicles about the last of the Druids, and his adventures in Arizona
Karen ChanceHunt the Moon the 5th Cassie Palmer adventure
Barb HendeeMemories of Envy the 3rd in her Vampire Memories set…

Tim AkersDead on Veridon set 2 years after Heart of Veridon, with clockwork zombies but the sound of it!
Ben MacAllanDesdaemona urban fantasy from the writer better known as fantasy author Chaz Brenchley

Paul ChristopherThe Templar Legion the 5th in his Templar series, this time featuring a mystery unearthed in Ethiopia… Premium edition

Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg (editors) – Hot and Steamy 16 romantic steampunk stories…

Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten RealmsElminster Must Die the 7th (I think) Elminster novel, by Ed Greenwood
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten RealmsThe Spectral Blaze the final volume of the Brotherhood of the Griffon trilogy by Richard Lee Byers
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark SunUnder the Crimson Sun the latest Abyssal Plague book from Keith R. A. Decandido
Dungeons & DragonsUntold Adventures a dozen short stories from the Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, Eberron and possibly other D&D settings… (5 of them don’t say)

Warhammer 40,000The Chapter’s Due an Ultramarines adventure by Graham McNeill


John SibbickFlesh and Bone accordian style art book, with a continuous picture of all sorts of animals on one side and the same skeletal animals in the same poses on the other! b&w and meant to be coloured in, but who would! All realistically drawn, except maybe for the chimp riding a zebra!


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