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New Titles – w/e 28th May 2011

in hardback:

Michael SwanwickDancing With Bears his new novel, set in a post-apocalyptic Russia and featuring the characters from The Dog Said Bow Wow
M. J. LockeUp Against It crime and politics on a distant asteroid colony!

Paolo Bacigalupi – The Alchemist 90 page fantasy from the co-winner of this year’s Hugo Award. From Subterranean Press
Ann & Jeff VandermeerThe Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals humourous, illustrated look at various fantasy critters.

large format:

Scott WesterfeldLeviathan fun-looking steampunk!
Katy StauberRevolution World post-collapse weirdness!

Martha WellsThe Cloud Roads Moon has kept his shape-shifting talent hidden all his life, until he meets a stranger who offers him sanctuary…
Bradley P. BeaulieuThe Winds of Khalakovo set on a remote archipelago, which is an essential stop-over point for windship traders
Jennifer RardinThe Deadliest Bite the 8th and final Jaz Parks adventure

H. P. Lovecraft & C. J. HendersonThe Tales of Inspector Legrasse 7 tales of Inspector Legrasse, including his original appearance in The call of Cthulhu

in ‘B’ format:

Iain BanksSurface Detail his latest Culture novel…
Mark Charan NewtonCity of Ruin the 2nd book in his Legends of the Red Sun, which began with Nights of Villjamur

Jules VerneThe Secret of Wilhelm Storitz a new translation of one of Verne’s most obscure titles
Kim NewmanAnno Dracula reprint, but with new sequels to follow in due course.

in paperback:

Larry Niven & Edward M. LernerBetrayer of Worlds the 3rd in the Ringworld prequel series

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings the 1st part of his new Stormlight Archive series. A very hefty 1250+ pages!
Jaida Jones & Danielle BennettDragon Soul the 3rd in their Havemercy series…
M. K. HobsonThe Native Star western/steampunk set in 1876

Michele LangLady Lazarus in the summer of 1939 Magda must call upon her family’s ancient heritage to oppose the Nazis…
Cheyenne McCrayZombies Sold Separately the 4th Night Tracker novel

David GibbonsThe Mask of Troy ancient artifact adventure
Ben BovaThe Hittite a warrior flees the collapsing Hittite Empire, thinking Troy will be a safe destination! But there’s a war on! I enjoyed the hardback.

Star WarsFatal Alliance a novel of The Old Republic by Sean Williams

George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Warriors 2 the 2nd of 3 paperbacks reprinting their large Warriors hardback anthology

art, etc:

Bob EggletonDragons’ Domain: The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop from one of the masters of fantasy art


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