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New Titles – w/e 21st May 2011

in hardback:

Robert McCammonThe Five a failing rock band on maybe their last tour across the American South is stalked by someone who definitely isn’t a fan…

John RingoThe Hot Gate the final book in the trilogy that began with Live Free or Die and Citadel; will Tyler Vernon and his battle station, Troy, succeed in their mission…?
Steve White & Charles E. GannonExtremis the latest Starfire novel, which began with David Weber & Steve White‘s Crusade… A sequel to The Shiva Option.

McSweeney’s #37 the latest issue, with the usual eclectic mix of authors. Includes a separate 64 page booklet with a long section of John Sayles‘ next novel.

in large format:

Larry CorreiaHard Magic book 1 of his Grimnoir Chronicles gangsters,  glamerous dames and magic all need dealt with by Jake Sullivan…

in paperback:

Carolyn CraneDouble Cross the sequel to Mind Games, again featuring Justine Jones and her fight against paranormal crime…

Star TrekWatching the Clock the 1st of a new series about Starfleet’s Department of Temporal Investigations, by Christopher L. Bennett.
Star TrekIndistinguishable From Magic the latest Next Generation adventure, featuring Guinan, Geordi & Scotty

Dungeons & DragonsDawnbringer, by Samantha Henderson
Dungeons & DragonsThe Mark of Nerath, by Bill Slavicsek. Adventure in something akin to Vance’s Dying Earth

art, etc:

James GurneyColor and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter a companion volume to his Imaginative Realism volume. It says ‘realist’ but there are still pictures of dinosaurs walking up the high street, and futuristic monorails, etc!

Jeff Vandermeer with S. J. ChambersThe Steampunk Bible heavily illustrated hardback with lots of text and everything you always wanted to know about steampunk! Books, goggles, fashions, history – it’s all here!


Doctor WhoHeroes of Sontar Big Finish full cast audio drama #146, with Peter Davidson


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