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New Titles – w/e 7th May 2011

in hardback:

China MievilleEmbassytown his new hardback

S. M. StirlingThe Council of Shadows the 2nd book in his Shadowspawn series; thousands of years ago shapeshifters ruled the world, and now they want it back!
Trudi CanavanThe Rogue volume 2 of her Traitor Spy Trilogy, following on from The Ambassador’s Mission (available in ‘B’ format)
Glen DuncanThe Last Werewolf  nice-looking volume. Knowing he is now the last, Jacob feels he can’t go on, but events may prove him wrong…

Ian Whates (editor) – Fables From the Fountain anthology of ‘club’ (or bar!) stories by some very well known authors. Gaiman, Stross, Watson among them. Signed & numbered limited edition. Also in softcover.

Doctor WhoThe Way Through The Woods compact hardback by Una McCormack. Should have arrived with it’s two companion volumes last week.

in large format:

R. Scott BakkerThe White Luck Warrior the sequel to The Judging Eye, and part 2 of The Aspect-Emperor series…

Dan AbnettEmbedded a journalist gets the inside story on a nasty little off-planet colonial war…
Leanna Renee HieberThe Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker Victorian strangeness! Miss Percy finds a mysterious portal…

in ‘B’ format:

Matthew HughesThe Damned Busters Chesney has managed to shut down Hell by mistake, so he’s offered his Heart’s Desire by Satan, and he wants to be a superhero!

Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (editors) – The Dragon Book anthology with contributions from top authors...
Ian Whates
(editor) – Fables From the Fountain anthology of ‘club’ (or bar!) stories by some very well known authors. Neil GaimanCharles Stross and Ian Watson among them

China MievilleThe City and the City back in stock with a new cover. My wholesalers wouldn’t release copies with the previous cover, despite having them in stock!

in paperback:

S. M. StirlingA Taint in the Blood the 1st in his new Shadowspawn series. Thousands of years ago shapeshifters ruled the world, and now they want it back!
James JarosBurn Down the Sky in a devastated world a mother and her teenage daughter are on a quest to rescue more of the family…
Pip Ballantyne & Tee MorrisPhoenix Rising steampunk adventure featuring the Ministry of Peculiar Occurences
L. E. Modesitt, jr. – The Hammer of Darkness mankind encounters the gods of Greece and Scandinavia in space. 1985 reprint.

B. K. EvensonMartyr the 1st spin-off novel from the game Dead Space

David DrakeThe Legions of Fire fantasy in a world much like the later Roman Empire…
Benjamin TateWell of Sorrows settlers push on into the deep forest; they’re not welcome!
Peter V. Brett – The Desert Spear the sequel to The Painted Man. Includes 20 page excerpt from volume 3, so there shouldn’t be a years-long wait for it!

Jane LindskoldFive Odd Honors the 3rd in the series that began with Thirteen Orphans, about an old war spilling over into our world, and the refugees the newcomers seek defending themselves…
Barbara AshfordSpellcast Maggie lands a job in a strange theatrical company! Looks fun.
Celia JeromeNight Mares in the Hamptons the sequel to Trolls in the Hamptons. Another adventure for ‘visualizer’ and struggling graphic novelist Willow Tate
Sable Grace
Ascension the Gates of Hell have opened and the Dark Breed are escaping; half-vampyre Kyana is tasked with trying to solve the problem!
Kevin HearneHounded the 1st in The Iron Druid Chronicles the adventures of the last of the druids, now living quietly in Arizona…

E. E. KnightDragon Avenger the 2nd in the Age of Fire series, described on the back cover as ‘a kind of Watership Down with dragons’!


Doctor WhoIndustrial Evolution  Big Finish adventure #145


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