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New Titles – w/e 9th April 2011

in hardback:

C. J. CherryhBetrayer the 3rd in the 4th trilogy of her Foreigner sequence – the 12th overall…
Robert J. Sawyerwww: Wonder the final part of his www trilogy, about a girl who can ‘see’ the internet!

Robin Hobb (& Megan Lindholm) – The Inheritance a collection with 10 stories of varying lengths. 3 appeared under the Hobb name, and the other 7 as by Lindholm… 2 of the Hobb stories are novella length, and 1 of the Lindholm’s.

in large format:

Jane Yolen & Midori SnyderExcept the Queen two fairies of the Queen’s Court are banished to live on Earth…

in ‘B’ format:

Robert Jackson BennettThe Company Man in an alternate 1919 in a shining new city, a trolley car pulls in but everyone on board is dead…

Trudi CanavanThe Ambassador’s Mission the 1st in her new Traitor Spy trilogy…
Stephen DeasThe Thief-Taker’s Apprentice a young thief is persuaded to join the thief-takers…
Kate JohnsonThe Untied Kingdom Eve Carpenter finds she has (literally) crashed into a parallel London where everything is different! Princess Di still lives but there are no popstars, computers or telephones.  And people seem to assume Eve must be a spy…

Tony VenablesViking Dead the latest in Abaddon BooksTomes of the Dead series; zombie vikings!

in paperback:

Ken MacLeodThe Restoration Game set mainly in Edinburgh and the little Caucausian ex-Soviet Republic of Krassnia, not all is as it seems!

C. J. CherryhDeceiver the 2rd in the 4th trilogy of her Foreigner sequence – the 11th overall…
Gini KochAlien in the Family the 3rd in the lightweight but fun sf series that began with Touched by an Alien

Douglas HulickAmong Thieves a young tyke finds a very important book…
S. L. FarrellA Magic of Dawn the final part of the Nessantico Cycle.  Previous parts were A Magic of Twilight and A Magic of Nightfall. It’s now 15 years since the fall of the Empire…

William DietrichThe Barbary Pirates the 4th adventure for the well-meaning rogue Ethan Gage, as he blunders about in the early 19thC looking for hidden Masonic treasures… Good fun, and a bit like Flashman!

Devon MonkMagic on a Hunt the 6th Allie Beckstrom adventure…
Ann AguirreShady Lady the 2nd book featuring Corine Solomon, who can tell an object’s past history by touching it…

Forgotten RealmsSword of the Gods the 2nd Abyssal Plague novel, by Bruce R. Cordell. The 1st was marketed as a D&D novel and was called The Temple of Yellow Skulls, by Don Bassingthwaite.


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