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New Titles – w/e 3rd April 2011

in hardback:

Eric Flint1636: Saxon Uprising the latest in his Ring of Fire / 1632 sequence of alternate history
Tom KratmanThe Amazon Legion his latest novel, set on the colony planet of Terra Nova…
Steven BrustTiassa the 13th of his Vlad Taltos books…

Jean M. AuelThe Land of Painted Caves the long-awaited 6th and final volume of her mammoth Earth’s Children prehistoric saga! It’s 31 Years since The Clan of the Cave Bear first appeared in 1980!
Catherynne M. ValenteDeathless fantasy set in 1920s post-revolutionary Russia!

James LovegroveDiversifications a new collection of his short fiction, from PS Publishing

in large format:

Will McIntoshSoft Apocalypse society gradually collapses as resources run out…
Adam BakerOutpost marooned in the high Arctic as a pandemic sweeps the globe and civilisation collapses…
Daniel AbrahamThe Dragon’s Path big new epic fantasy

Jonathan MaberryThe King of Plagues the latest Joe Ledger adventure, again set in London as he battles to stop the  Plagues of Egypt being unleashed…
Robert BlochMysteries of the Worm collection of all his early stories set against Lovecraft’s Cthulhu background. From Chaosium.

Poul AndersonFlandry’s Legacy the 7th and final volume in the series reprinting all his Technic Civilization Saga stories. Includes 2 short novels, A Stone In Heaven and The Game of Empire, a novella, The Night Face, and 3 shorter pieces. 570 pages overall.

in ‘B’ format:

Charlaine HarrisDead in the Family the 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel.
Lavie TidharCamera Obscura steampunk adventuring with Lady De Winter of the secretive Queen’s Council!

K. W. JeterInfernal Devices reprint of one of the novels that sparked the steampunk movement into life!
K. W. JeterMorlock Night sequel to Wells’ The Time Machine; probably my favourite book by Jeter! They weren’t all crude cannibalistic creatures… and they have the time machine!

Kristen BritainThe High King’s Tomb 3rd in the series that began with Green Rider and First Rider’s Call

in paperback:

Eric BrownThe Kings of Eternity set jointly in 1935 & 1999 with a strange creature from another world…
Paul ChafeExodus: the Ark the sequel to Genesis, about a generation starship. Now they’re well on their wa… effectively 2 short novels
Robert J. Sawyerwww: Watch the sequel to www: Wake set in his www trilogy about the internet of the future
Simon MordenEquations of Life Petrovitch has fled the destruction of Moscow and now scrapes a living in the free city of London Metrozone
Jody Lynn NyeView From the Imperium humourous space adventure featuring a newly graduated young Ensign…
Thomas HarlanLand of the Dead alternate future history in which the Japanese discovered the Americas first
Sara CreasyChildren of Scarabaeus the sequel to Song of Scarabaeus. Far future space adventure

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildFever Dream the latest adventure for Agent Pendergast. Prestige format.
Ben BovaAble One near future techno-thriller

Ian WhatesCity of Hope & Despair the sequel to The City of a Hundred Rows
Zoe ArcherRebel the 3rd of her historical fantasy adventures, following from Warrior and Scoundrel. It’s 1875 in backwoods Canada…

J. A. PittsBlack Blade Rules 1st in a new series featuring blacksmith and p/t movie props manager Sarah Beauhall. A broken prop sword she wants to mend may actually be magic!
A. Lee MartinezDivine Misfortune the follow up to Monster
Lisa ShearinCon & Conjure the 5th Raine Benares outing
Matt ForbeckVegas Knights using magic to win at the tables…
J. N. DuncanDeadworld FBI Agent Jackie Rutledge needs supernatural assistance on her new case…

Joe McKinneyFlesh Eaters zombies!
Walter GreatshellApocalypso the 3rd in his Xombies series

Del Howison & Jeff Gelb (editors) – Haunted: Dark Delicacies III the 3rd anthology sponsored by the Dark Delicacies horror bookstore
George R. R. Martin & Gardner DozoisWarriors 1 six stories from the longer Warriors hardcover anthology. I expect the rest will appear in due course. This includes work by Joe Haldeman, Cecelia Holland, George R. R. Martin, Steven Saylor, Robert Silverberg and Tad Williams

Cris RamseyRoad Less Travelled the 3rd spin off from the Eureka tv series, set in a very strange small town in middle America…


Patricia Meredith (editor) – The Art of GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire volume two heavily illustrated hardback full of more art by various artists of the world and characters created by George R. R. Martin

Brian Froud & John MatthewsHow to See Fairies hardback with various pop-ups, pull-outs and secret pages all illustrated by Froud
Joel JessupThe Gnome: Small, Fat and Fabulous small humourous hardback look at  garden gnomes…

Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume Fourteen: Frank Cho re-stock of the  mainly b&w softcover overview
Luis RoyoSubversive Beauty re-stock of his 2006 hardback

sequential art:

Jacques TardiThe Arctic Marauder steampunk arctic adventure! b&w hardback
Andy RuntonFriends All Aflutter the latest Owly & Wormy adventure now a full-colour hardback from a major publisher.  Extremely cute!

Dan Lockwood (editor) – The Lovecraft Anthology volume 1 colour softcover collecting graphic re-tellings of 7 of HPL‘s most famous stories…
Harlan Ellison‘s Phoenix Without Ashes full-colour hardback illustrated by Alan Robinson
Ben KatchorThe Cardboard Valise hardback of his 2-tone comic strip about a traveller in a mysterious country. The book actually has flip up handles inside it’s covers so it can be carried like a little cardboard suitcase!
Randall. CSleepyheads strange (yet cute) little short stories which remind me a bit of Winsor McKay and Little Nemo, although the style is much different. Colour softcover
Madeleine FloresThe Girl and the Gorilla softcover b&w line drawing comic strip
Chris Prynoski (editor) Titmouse #1 hardback graphic anthology. Interesting range of styles and stories. Full colour

Imiri SakabashiraThe Box Man restock of this well-received Japanese b&w hardcover

magazines, etc:

Dodgem Logic – issue #8, cover date Spring! The usual mix of articles, fiction and art.  Steve Aylett‘s comic strip continues…
Heavy Metal – May 2011 cover date
Juxtapoz – April 2011 cover date


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