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New Titles – w/e 5th March 2011

in hardback:

Patrick RothfussThe Wise Man’s Fear the long-awaited sequel to In the Name of the Wind.  It’s 990 pages long, so it’s substantially longer than the 1st book of The Kingkiller Chronicle.
Jo WaltonAmong Others new fantasy about a girl sent to a boarding school where there’s no magic…

John BarnesDaybreak Zero the sequel to Directive 51, set in a world where technology has collapsed and billions have died…
Ben AaronovitchRivers of London weird horror/crime novel; the US title is Midnight Riot. Looks a bit like Kraken by China Mieville.

Daniel TatarskyDan Dare: The Biography the story behind the Pilot of the Future‘s  comic strip, lots of colour inserts with art from the strip. This isn’t a novelisation of his adventures, rather an in-depth look at the making of them…

in large format:

Patrick RothfussThe Wise Man’s Fear the long-awaited sequel to In the Name of the Wind and volume 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicle.  It’s 990 pages long, so it’s substantially longer than the 1st book.
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonHellhole revolt is plotted by exiles on a desparately dangerous colony planet way out on the edge of the Empire…
Peter BognanniThe House of Tomorrow a home-schooled boy raised in a geodesic dome house wants to be a punk. Whatever that is! I enjoyed the h/c a lot last year.
Harry HarrisonA Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! reprint of the 1972 classic proto-steampunk novel.

Lilith SaintcrowDante Valentine: The Complete Series 1290 page omnibus containing all 5 books. Working for the Devil, Dead Man Rising, The Devil’s Right Hand, Saint City Sinners & To Hell and Back.
Thomas E. SniegoskiA Hundred Words for hate the 4th book about the fallen angel, Remy Chandler

in ‘B’ format:

Patricia BriggsRiver Marked the 7th Mercy Thompson adventure. It appears to be set in the Pacific North West…
Jesse BullingtonThe Enterprise of Death in Renaissance Europe a  young slave is apprenticed to a Necromancer… how can she use what she’s learning to save herself…?
William HorwoodHyddenworld the ‘hydden’ send a boy to live among humans and try to recover an ancient glass shard of immense significance…
Carrie RyanThe Dead-Tossed Waves a companion volume to The Forest of Hands and Teeth; Gabry must leave the sefety of her lighthouse and venture into the forest…
Conrad WilliamsLoss of Separation Paul emerges from a post-accident coma to discover that his girlfriend has disappeared and a killer is haunting the little village they had retreated to…

in paperback:

Charles StrossThe Trade of Queens the 6th and final part of his Merchant Princes series…
Adrian TchaikovskyThe Sea Watch the 6th in his Shadows of the Apt series…
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. RossHastur Lord the latest novel set on the late MZB‘s world of Darkover
Peter V. BrettThe Desert Spear the sequel to The Painted Man (aka The Warded Man) and the 2nd in his Demon Cycle
Anne BishopShalador’s Lady the 8th in her Black Jewels sequence…

Rob ThurmanBlackout the 6th of his Cal Leandros adventures
Seanan McGuireLate Eclipses the 4th October Daye novel
Ben AaronovitchMoon Over Soho the sequel to the recent Midnight Riot (aka Rivers of London in the UK). More weird crime with the last registered wizard in England
Tim WaggonerDead Streets featuring Matt Richter, zombie private eye…
Carrie VaughnDiscord’s Apple Evie must guard the magical storeroom she’s discovered in her dying father’s house…

Richard DoetschThe Thieves of Darkness the 4th novel featuring Michael St. Pierre, a reformed master thief who has to return to his old profession…
Christopher FarnsworthBlood Oath a rising Presidential staffer is seconded to assist Nathaniel Cade, a vampire who helps protect the USA from arcane threats…

Joshua Palmetier & Patricia Bray (editors) – After Hours short stories told in a time-travelling bar that’s been around since the Sumerians… Contributors include Seanan McGuire, Anton Strout and Juliet E. McKenna

Forgotten RealmsSandstorm an apparent stand alone novel by Christopher Rowe
Dungeons & DragonsThe Temple of the Yellow Skulls the 1st in The Abyssal Plague trilogy by Don Bassenthwaite

art, etc:

Walter Foster CollectiblesHow to Draw & Paint Pin-Ups & Glamour Models large soft cover with sections by several different artists of different aspects of technique. Heavily illustrated.
David ChelseaExtreme Perspective for Artists all about perspective in comics, with a dvd with further assistance. In comic form, but more technical than you’d think!

John Carter of MarsWarlord of Mars thick 630+ page reprint of the complete 28 issue run of the comic (plus 3 annuals) from the mid-70s, based on Edgar Rice Burrough‘s character. b&w art.

magazines, etc:

Heavy Metal – cover date Spring 2011. A ‘living dead special’

Locus – February 2011 the ‘Year in Review’ special issue


Philip K. DickThe Adjustment Bureau the short story the new big budget film is based on, read by Phil Gigante. Also 2 other stories, Beyond the Door and Planet for Transients. Or maybe Imposter; the cd’s sealed and the info I’ve read is a bit unclear!


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