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New Titles – w/e 5th February 2011

in hardback:

Taylor AndersonRising Tides the 5th in the alternate timeline Destroyermen series, with the crew of a battered American destroyer helping their strange allies against even stranger enemies! Actually, this instalment appears to focus on intrigue amongst the various human factions…
David WeberIn Fire Forged the 5th in the Worlds of Honor anthology series, featuring a 140 page story from Weber himself, with other stories from Jane Lindskold and Timothy Zahn, together with a couple of articles about the weapons of the time…
Fred SaberhagenGolden Reflections a reprint of his alternate history novel Masks of the Sun, about battles across time between Aztecs and Mayans, together with 7 other stories set in the same background by such as David Weber, Walter Jon Williams and Harry Turtledove. His widow, Joan Spicci Saberhagen, and Robert E. Vardeman put it all together…
Elizabeth BearThe Sea Thy Mistress a sequel to All the Windwracked Stars

Allen Ashley (editor) – Catastrophia anthology of new catastrophy stories, including submissions from Brian Aldiss, Adam Roberts and Simon Clark

in large format:

Jon Courtney GrimwoodThe Fallen Blade historical fantasy, set in Venice in 1407. Act One of The Assassini trilogy
J. M. McDermottNever Knew Another part 1 of the Dogsland trilogy, featuring a young girl in hiding because she’s a half-demon…
Steven Brust – Iorich the 12th Vlad Taltos novel

F. Paul WilsonSecret Circles the 2nd Young Repairman Jack adventure…

in ‘B’ format:

Jon Walter WilliamsDeep State the sequel to This is Not a Game. There is a US hardcover available, let me know if you’d prefer a hardback copy

Guy Gavriel KayUnder Heaven ancient Chinese-flavoured fantasy
Kate GriffinThe Neon Court assassins and ghosts in Victorian London…
Gail Z. MartinThe Sworn the 1st in her new Fallen Kings Cycle. It follows on from her Chronicles of the Necromancer set.
Stephen HuntSecrets of the Sea the 4th book in the series that began with The Court of the Air

Maurice BroaddusKing’s Justice the 2nd in The Knights of Breton Court series, which began with King Maker
Thomas BlackthornePoint in the near-future, a suicide cult is sweeping the country…
Christopher GoldenThe Gathering Dark the 4th in his Shadow Saga
Peter StraubA Dark Matter 40 years after a magical ritual went horribly wrong, someone wants to interview the survivors in order to write a book about the incident…


Taylor AndersonDistant Thunders the 4th in his Destroyerman series; the captain and crew of the USS Walker has found some human allies, but can they be trusted?
Michael FlynnUp Jim River sequel to The January Dancer Donovan is on a quest, but now has 7 different personalities…
James P. HoganMoon Flower the planet Cyrene is being terraformed, but it’s going according to plan!

Morgan LlywelynBrendan historical novel about the Irish saint and his expedition across the Atlantic…

J. V. JonesWatcher of the Dead the 4th book in her  Sword of Shadows series…
Emily GeeThe Sentinel Mage book 1 of the Cursed Kingdoms trilogy, with a prince with mage’s blood in his veins and a shapeshifter trying to avert tragedy…
Alexey PehovShadow Prowler epic fantasy, translated from Russian by Andrew Bromfield
Margaret Weis & Tracy HickmanSecret of the Dragon 2nd in their Dragonships series, and sequel to Bones of the Dragon

Katharine KerrLicense to Ensorcell her 1st Nola O’Grady novel, about a psychic agent and her problems…
Rachel CaineUnseen the 3rd in her Outcast Season set, itself a continuation of her Weather Warden series…
Thomas E. SniegoskiWhere Angels Fear to Tread 3rd adventure for Remy Chandler, the fallen angel
Ben AaronovitchMidnight Riot Peter dreams of being promoted to Detective; his ability to see ghosts may finally be of use… seems a bit reminiscent of Kraken by China Mieville.

Stephen I Antczak, James C. Bassett & Martin H. Greenberg (editors) – Zombiesque original zombie anthology

Forgotten RealmsCollected Stories a dozen short stories by R. A. Salvatore, featuring his character Drizzt.


Locus – December and January issues!
Heavy Metal – March cover date
Juxtapoz – February cover date

Steampunk Modeller – one-off special from Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller, with lots of tips and projects…

art, etc:

Juxtapoz Erotica their latest hardback, with art from 22 different artists
Jim SilkeDragon Girls an overview of all sorts of girls in the jungle, from Fay Wray to Tarzan’s Jane and beyond. Photos and paintings with some text. Softcover.
SQPDragon Song: Wings of Conquest full-colour softcover with art from a variety of artists…
The Art of Red Sonya full-colour hardback with art from the Dynamite comic
The World of Shadows IllustratedVampires hardback with vampire art from 10 different Heavy Metal artists, including Victoria Frances, Arantza Sestayo and Melanie Delon

Ricardo DelgadoAge of Reptiles Omnibus #1 full-colour collection of his 3 mini-series about dinosaurs: Tribal Warfare, The Hunt and The Journey. And there’s also a gallery and other material. Excellent looking softcover.
Bob Schreck & Nate Van DykeRedemption: Jurassic Park volume 1; the 4-issue mini-series collected together. It’s a full-colour authorised sequel to the films.
Jay Hosler with Kevin & Zandar CannonEvolution: the Story of Life on Earth b&w hardback all about evolution…

Peter S. BeagleThe Last Unicorn hardback graphic novel of his best known book…
Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist graphic version of his novel. Full colour hardback

Milo Manara & Vincenzo CeramiPandora’s Eyes new b&w hardcover from Humanoids
James Hudnall & Mark VigourouxAftermath g/n thriller from Humanoids

Zombie TerrorsAn Anthology of the Undead graphic collection from Asylum Press
Steampunk Palin one-off b&w comic from AP Entertainment featuring Sarah Palin!

Judith Salavetz & Spencer Drate (editors) – Creating Comics 47 different artists give tips and advice

CastlefortePapertoy Monsters large softcover with full instructions and templates for creating a wide range of weird monsters!


The Hobbit Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games. Complete in the box.

astute readers will realise that many of the art books, etc. should have been here for Christmas.


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