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New Titles – w/e 28th November 2010

in hardback:

Ian C. EsslemontStonewielder the 3rd of Esslemont’s novels of the Malazan Empire, set somewhat before the books of Stephen Erikson.

Alan Dean FosterThe Human Blend part 1 of his new Tipping Point trilogy.  Extreme bio-engineering and implant technology use is growing in humans… the cover shows a human with a compound eye, for instance
Glen CookSurrender to the Will of the Night the 3rd volume in his Instrumentalities of the Night series. Hecht’s greatest secret is that he knows how to kill the gods!

Grimm’s Fairy Tales a new edition of 32 tales by Jacob & Wilheim Grimm, most with an illustration by Kevin Colden

in large format:

Gregory Benford & George Zebrowski (editiors) – Sentinals: In Hon of Arthur C. Clarke an anthology celebrating the work of ACC; mainly reprint stories from some other top authors, but also with several new essays, and an interview.
Eric S. BrownWorld War of the Dead towards the end of ww2, a new force enters the conflict – zombies! This is not the same person as sf author Eric Brown, btw.

in paperback:

Graham Paul SharpThe Battle for Commitment Planet the 4th in the epic military Helfort’s War series…

Amanda DowmanThe Bone Palace the sequel to The Drowning City and the 2nd in her Necromancer Chronicles. There are worse things that vampires in the caverns beneath the city…
Rachel NeumeierLaw of the Broken Earth the final book of The Griffin Mage Trilogy
Rachel AaronThe Spirit Eater the 3rd adventure featuring Eli Monpress, a professional thief and degenarate!
Marcus PelegrimusVampire Uprising the 4th Skinners book, about a society that protects humankind from various terrors… the series began with Blood Blade.

Dean R. KoontzBreathless tall premier edition of his 58th (I think) novel. Strange things are happening in the Rockies. Half a dozen apparently unconnected threads will undoubtedly come together as the book progresses and the suspense grows!
John SaulHouse of Reckoning 14 year old Sarah seems to be painting another pupil’s hallucinations; or are they both inspired by her art teacher’s old mansion?

art, etc:

Cathy & Arnie Fenner (editors) – Spectrum 17 the latest in the annual series; their annual Grand Master Award goes to Al Williamson this year. This is the softcover; the hardcover should be in soon…
Pat Harrigan & Brian Wood (editors) – The Art of H. P. Lovecraft‘s Cthulhu Mythos available again! I last managed to get copies back in 2008.
Brian FroudGood Faeries…Bad Faeries new hardcover edition. Still the same format that you can read from either end, though…

Star TrekU.S.S. Enterprise: Owner’s Workshop Manual fully illustrated guide by Ben Robinson & Marcus Riley to the various Enterprises from the different series…


Interzone issue number #231 a Jason Sanford Special Issue, with 3 new stories with introductions and an interview with him. Also other fiction and reviews, etc. as usual…
Locus – # 597, October cover date. Better late than never, I suppose… November’s might be in with the next order in a fortnight.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust the 1st volume of the collected comic prequel of Philip K. Dick‘s famous book, adapted by Chris Roberson and Robert Adler for Boom! Studios. This contains the first 4 issues, with some additional material


Fantasy Art of Clyde Caldwell fantasy female warriors…


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