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E. C. Tubb : 1919 – 2010

Sadly, E. C. Tubb has died, a month before his 91st birthday.

He was a prolific author for decades and will remain best known for his long-running series featuring the lightning-fast Dumarest.

The series began in the late 60s and ran out of steam (or DAW cancelled his contract!) in the 80s, although a couple of further volumes appeared – the final one only last year, bringing his hero home  to Terra at long last!
Thjey were all broadly similar, with Dumarest determinedly seeking his forgotten home world, a quaint old planet called Terra, now often less than even a rumour in the distant reaches of civilisation that he travels through. Of course he makes enemies (and friends) although most are dropped at every planet-lift – except the religion-like group-mind of the Cyclan, who desire secrets he has…

I read the first 7 or 8 of them within a couple of weeks when I dsicovered him, and kept up with the series while DAW released them regularly – right up to volume 29! The two since then have eluded me, and I might not enjoy them now, but the series was fun!
Many of the DAW covers were by Kelly Freas – I had a poster of one (Zenya) on my wall for ages – and that added to their appeal, I’m sure.


September 18, 2010 - Posted by | Author News

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