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New Titles – w/e 12th September 2010

in hardback:

William GibsonZero History his first novel since 2007’s  Spook Country
Sheri S. TepperThe Waters Rising in the extreme far future, the oceans are rising and where can all thew refugees go…?

S. M. StirlingThe High King of Montival the 7th of the Change novels, where no advanced technology works anymore…
Tanya HuffThe Truth of Valor the 5th of her Confederation novels…
David DrakeWhat Distant Depths the 8th RCN novel, featuring Lt. Leary
Michael Z. WilliamsonDo Unto Others… the 5th of his Freehold novels
Mark Van Name – Children No More the 4th of his Jon & Lobo adventures, featuring a boy and his tank! (Sorry, ‘hyper-intelligent assault vehicle’)

Sherwood SmithCoronets and Steel a Californian blonde goes researching her middle European roots, and finds herself in amongst them!
Stephen R. LawheadThe Skin Map volume 1 of his new Bright Empires series; Kit’s great-grandfather acosts him and enlists his help on a mysterious quest… Looks very enjoyable
Sarah SilverwoodThe Double-Edged Sword budget-priced hardback; the 1st of The Nowhere Chronicles. A 16 y.o.’s foster father is killed and suddenly Fin is plunged into strangeness and adventure…
Kat RichardsonLabyrinth the 5th Greywalker novel

Clive Cussler & Grant BlackwoodLost Empire the 2nd Fargo adventure; a sunken Conferate ship off East Africa which may hold something of great significance to right-wing Mexican politics!

William H. Paterson, jr. – In Dialog With His Century: Learning Curve volume 1 of a new biography of Robert A. Heinlein. This volume covers his life up until 1948 and concludes with his marriage to Ginny.

in large format:

Patrick A. VannerRagnarok war against the implacable aliens, and Captain Alexandra McLauchlan is determined to win at any cost. And find the traitor.
Pierre PevelThe Alchemist in the Shadows the sequel to The Cardinal’s Blades. Translated from French by Tom Clegg. Akin to The Three Musketeers, with added magic!

Nicole KimberleyHappy Snak Gaia Jones went into space to sell her innovative line of snacks, but events spiral out of control!

Dr. Bob CurranDark Fairies his latest book detailing the darker side of the fae. b&w illustrations by Ian Daniels.

in ‘B’ format:

David FarlandChaos Bound the 8th in his Runelords sequence

William JablonskyThe Clockwork Man a mechanical man made in the 19th Century is revived in the present day! Steampunk.
Scarlett ThomasGoing Out 6 unlikely companions go on a trip to find a cure for Luke, who is allergic to everything!

Ilona AndrewsMagic Bites the 1st adventure for Kate Daniels, a poor mercenary in a world where most magic has suddenly faded away…
Alex BellJasmyn her husband has recently died, and strange things appear to be happening to her…
David WellingtonCursed werewolves!

Hjalti DanielsonThe Burning Life novel based on EVE, the computer game…

Kurt VonnegutLook at the Birdie his final collection of short stories

in paperback:

S. M. StirlingThe Sword of the Lady the 6th of his Change sequence, the sequel to The Scourge of God. Premier format

Violette MalanThe Storm Witch the 3rd adventure with mercaneries Dhulyn and Parno
Caitlin R. KiernanThe Red Tree
Seanan McGuireAn Artificial Night the 3rd of her October Daye novels; the first was Rosemary and Rue.
Rob ThurmanThe Grimrose Path the sequel to the 1st Trickster novel, Trick of the Light

Bentley LittleThe Disappearance his 21st book. All trace of Joan disappears, even her student records, etc. All that’s left is a strange little prayer…
Must Love Hellhounds a quartet of stories featuring devil dogs. Literally. Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh and Meljean Brook.

Forgotten RealmsKey of Stars the 3rd in the Abolethic Sovereignty by Bruce R. Cordell

art, etc:

SanjulianSword’s Edge hardback full colour collection of his art inspired by Robert E. Howard‘s work. Edited by Manuel Auad and Arnie & Cathy Fenner. Arnie Fenner contributes a fairly lengthy introduction
Drew Struzen & David J. SchowThe Art of Drew Struzan large hardback collection covering his lengthy movie illustration career, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Hellboy II, via Back to the Future II & III and Buffy, among many others…

Roman DirgeWedgies the latest Lenore hardcover includes 4 large full colour cards…
Mike MignolaThe Amazing Screw-On head and Other Curious Objects six graphic short stories, together with several pages of sketches at the rear… Hardcover.
James SturmMarket Day nice-looking hardback graphic novel of life in the 19th C.

McSweeney’sSan Francisco Panorama Comic Pages the comic insert now available separately!

Serena ValentinoHow to be a Zombie colourful hardback guide to the world of zombies…


Juxtapoz – September 2010 cover date


Doctor WhoNevermore the Eighth Doctor 4.03 from Big Finish


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