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New Titles – w/e 28th August 2010

in hardback:

Peter F. HamiltonThe Evolutionary Void the 3rd in the Void trilogy… I amy have signed copies available next month…
Brent WeeksThe Black Prism budget price hardcover to launch his new Lightbringer series…
Stephen DeasThe Thief-Taker’s Apprentice this comparatively short (and priced to match) novel (less than 300 pages!) appears not to be related to his previous two books… A young thief is caught and becomes his captor’s apprentice…

Taylor Anderson – Distant Thunders a little late, but this is the 4th of the Destroyermen books, about a clapped-out US destroyer fighting to survive in an alternate world…

Jack VanceThe Complete Lyonesse the pre-Arthurian fantasy trilogy in one large volume! Suldren’s Garden, The Green Pearl and Madouc. A fairly substantial afterword by Adam Roberts and line illustrations by Les Edwards
Jack VanceHard-Luck Diggings early Vance stories, collected by Subterranean Press

Steven Erikson The First Collected Tales of Bauchelain & Korbal Broach UK hardback containing the novellas The Lees of Laughter’s End and The Healthy Dead, together with introductions by Stephen Donaldson, James Barclay and Paul Kearney

in large format:

Matthew HughesTemplate his latest Archonate adventure!

`James L. Sutter (editor) – Before They Were Giants anthology of the first published stories from 15 major names in sf! Gibson, Mieville, Robinson, Swanwick, Bear, Stross… from Planet Stories, as is the Matt Hughes

Mark Harding (editor) – Music for Another World new anthology of f&sf with music as the uniting theme…

Roger ZelaznyThe Great Book of Amber new edition, with a new cover, of the 10 book omnibus. 1250+ pages!

in ‘B’ format:

Paul McAuleyGardens of the Sun in-System war and intrigue

Jonathan GreenEvolution Expects the latest Pax Britannia adventure from Abaddon Books
S. RoitParis Immortal: Awakenings, Absolutions & Atonement 3 volumes of the vampire series…

Trisha Telep (editor) – Paranormal Romance 2

in paperback:

Robert Jackson BennettMr. Shivers horror debut

art, etc:

Victoria FrancesDark Sanctuary new portfolio with 6 colour plates and 6 lighter weight b&w sketches acting as dividers between the main pieces
Luis Royo – Dark Moon : Epilog portfolio of 5 full colour prints and 6 b&w sketches as dividers

Brian M. KaneHal Foster big biography of the creator of Prince Valiant; many illustrations, although the majority are b&w
John LoweWorking Methods illustrated interviews with 8 comic artists about their technique, etc.

Rob SacchettoZombiewood faked-up glossy zombie gossip magazine!


Locus – both July and August issues!

Dodgem Logic #5 the latest edition of Alan Moore‘s publishing project. Squarebound, and not in a plastic bag this time!


Ciruelo CarbralDragons 16 month calendar
Olivia de BerardinisBetty Page the model in ‘Betty Page’ costumes and poses


James M. Ward & Tom WhamDragon Lairds new boardgame about scheming dragons!


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