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New Titles – w/e 14th August 2010

in hardback:

Francis SpuffordRed Plenty living the dream in Krushchev’s Soviet paradise in the late 50s/early 60s!

NealAsherThe Technician the 4th of his Polity series. Due on Saturday.

in large format:

Alex BledsoeThe Girls with Games of Blood vampire sisters in Memphis, Tennassee, 1975…

Mike Ashley (editor)Stories From the dawn of Modern Fantasy excellent collection with stories from the late 18th Century up to the early 1920s with H. P. Lovecraft and Abraham Merritt, among others.
Paul Wittine (editor) – Time in a Bottle 1st in a new series of anthologies, this one based around the theme of ‘time’. Mainly new authors, with Jim Hines being the most recognisable name…

in ‘b’ format:

Christopher EvansThe Light of Burning Shadows the 2nd in his Iron Elves series that began with A Darkness Forged in Fire
Justina RobsonChasing the Dragon the 4th in her Quantum Gravity sequence
Simon R. GreenThe Spy Who Haunted Me 3rd in the Secret Histories fantasy series…
Caitlin KettridgeSecond Skin 2nd in the Nocturne City werewolf series
Trent JamiesonDeath Most Definite Steve is an Australian necromancer, and someone is bidding to become the new Regional Death…

Keith Laumer et al – The Best of the Bolos: Their Finest Hour 10 stories of the classic fighting machines; 3 by Laumer himself and the rest by the likes of David Weber and S. M. Stirling.

in paperback:

Christopher EvansThe Light of Burning Shadows the 2nd in his Iron Elves series that began with A Darkness Forged in Fire

Jack Rogan – The Ocean Dark thriller;  smuggling in the Bermuda Triangle, possibly with added sea monsters!

James AxlerThe Oblivion Stone the latest post-holocaust  Outlanders adventure…

art, etc:

Matt Dukes Jordan (editor) – Weirdo Noir subtitled ‘gothic and lowbrow art‘. Full colour softcover in 24 sections, each featuring art and an interview with an artist…
Fantasy plus large full colour softcover with the best of modern Chinese fantasy art. Looks great!
Guy DavisModern Masters vol #24 large soft cover in the continuing series focusing on different comic artists. Mainly b&w, with a small colour section
Pablo HolmbergEden cute little full colour story…

Joe OrioloFelix the Cat’s Greatest Comic Book Tails big hardback with full colour Felix the Cat adventures!
Marvelman Classic hardback reproducing his adventures from 1954. Volume 1 in a new series.

Alexandro Jodorowski & Juan GimenezAghora and the Last Metabaron Humanoids Press finally produce the 4th (and, I assume, last) volume in their Metabarons series of graphic novels…


Heavy Metal – September 2010 cover date
Illustration – issue #30 another great-looking issue, with art mainly from the 1st half of the last century…

Black Static issue #18


George R. R. MartinA Song of Ice and Fire. Full colour illustrations by Ted Naismith for this wall calendar


Grateful DeadDead-opoly for the avid fan! Grateful Dead Monopoly!


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