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James P. Hogan

James Hogan died last week, aged 69.

I first read him back in 1977, when Inherit the Stars was published, about an alternate cosmological history of the solar system and the birth of mankind, and devoured all his subsequent books for years!

Alternate theories for the shape of the solar system was a theme he returned to several times over the years; his original book grew into a 5-book series and a couple of other books addressed the birth of Venus,  and other Velikovskian possiblities. I was never sure if he believed his alternate theories, or merely used them as background for his novels. I heard him speak once and spoke with him briefly afterwards and was quite impressed, but still no wiser!

Particular favourites of his were the original 3 Giants novels, The Proteus Operation, Thrice Upon a Time and Bug Park (which I wish had been a movie!)
His characters were mainly scientists investigating big science, as in The Genesis Machine, and generally not the best written characters; his writing highlighted the sense of wonder and the politics of progress (I suppose!)

I continued to read his books for the next 3 decades but latterly I found his books less appealing; his last, the recent Migration, never clicked for me but I still  remember the kick his earlier books gave me!


July 19, 2010 - Posted by | Announcements, Author News

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