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New Titles – w/e 4rd July 2010

Charles StrossThe Fuller Memorandum US hardcover

Please note that although I understood this book to be ready to ship when I placed my order last week, it apparently wasn’t. Copies should arrive on Monday 7th and be signed later that day.


in hardback:

Ken MacLeodThe Restoration Game in the near future, myth, Soviet politics and computer game creation meet in an obscure part of the old USSR… Signed copies will be available shortly.

Orson Scott CardScience Fiction & Fantasy new edition combining his 2 previous Writer’s Digest Guides, now in a spiral bound format. Previously published as How to Write Sf & F, and The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference

in large format:

Rudy RuckerThe Ware Tatralogy all 4 books together for the first time! Software, Wetware, Freeware and Realware, initially published separately between 1980 and 1997. Strangely great fun!

John Twelve HawksThe Golden City the final part of the trilogy that began with Traveller and Dark River.
Jonathan Strahan & Lou Anders (editors) – Swords and Dark Magic new anthology with a slew of top writers contributing new S&S stories… Erikson, Abercrombie, Lynch, Moorcock, Wolfe and more!

Routledge Key GuidesFifty Key Figures in Science Fiction mainly authors, but also critics and film-makers
James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel (editors) – The Secret History of Science Fiction 18 cutting edge stories from a variety of authors, both within the sf field and without. Looks intriguing.

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossThe Fuller Memorandum UK softcover of the 3rd Laundry novel…
Charles StrossWireless the best of his short stories

Eoin ColferAnd Another Thing the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy adventure. Not by Douglas Adams! (and a bit late as well)

A. E. MooratHenry VIII – Wolfman Henry the 8th as a werewolf!
Laurell K. HamiltonBlood Noir UK  softcover edition of this Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel

Tim PowersDeclare reprint of his 2001 novel

William Hope HodgsonThe Voice of the Ocean epic poem combining metaphysics and the sea.

in paperback:

Carrie VaughnKitty Goes to War the 8th in the series featuring Kitty the late-night werewolf radio dj…
Yasmine GalenornNight Myst the 1st in her new series, the Indigo Court, which continues on from the Otherworld series.
Chris Marie GreenA Drop of Red the 4th of her Babylon Vampire series…
Kasey MackenzieRed Hot Fury the 1st in the Shades of Fury series, featuring Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator, Riss Holloway
Nancy GideonChased by Moonlight the sequel to Masked by Moonlight. Paranormal romance…

K. E. MillsWizard Squared 3rd in her Rogue Agent series

A. J. HartleyAct of Will fantasy adventure in a Shakespearean world
L. Jagi Lamplighter Prospero Lost hundreds of years after the events of The Tempest, Miranda discovers that her father has been abducted…
R. A. SalvatoreThe Dame the 3rd in the sequence that began with The Highwayman
Gabriel HuntAmong the Killers of Men 4th in the adventure series

Michael Z. WilliamsonContact With Chaos the 4th of  his Freehold books, I think, about a colony planet outwith the control of Earth…
Catherine AsaroDiamond Star apparently the 16th book in her Skolian Empire saga! And apparently there’s also a companion rock opera with the same name you can buy on cd as well.
James O’NealThe Human Disguise throughout history ancient races have been using Earth as a proxy setting for their conflict…

Jerry PournelleFires of Freedom omnibus edition containing the novels Birth of Fire and King David’s Spaceship
Greg CoxInfinite Crisis a novel set in the DC Universe, featuring Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman, to judge by the cover!

Charles StrossWireless short story collection

W. D. GaglianiWolf’s Bluff
Bryan SmithThe Killing Kind

art, etc:

Art of McSweeney’s big hardcover featuring art from all their projects, with plenty of text, making it pretty much a history of it all…

Joe Hill & Gabriel RodriguezLocke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft new graphic novel featuring a strange house in New England
Tony MillionaireBilly Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird volume 2 of his mad adventures! B&W&weird!
Scott Christian Sava & Andres Silva Blanco (art) – Cameron and his Dinosaurs 4 dinosaurs escape from a mad scientist and are befriended by a boy called Cameron…


McSweeney’s #34 a pair of softcover books in a soft plastic sleeve; one is the usual mix of pieces and pictures from a variety of authors and artists, the other volume is about the ongoing aftermath of the Iraq war and subsequent occupation and is called The End of Major Combat Operations,  written by Nick McDonell.


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