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New Titles – w/e 26th June 2010

in hardback:

David WeberMission of Honor the 12th of his books featuring Honor Harrington
David DrakeThe Legions of Fire the 1st of The Books of the Elements, a fantasy series set in a late-Romanesque background
Ian McDonaldThe Dervish House wheeling and dealing in Istanbul, now one of the great cities of the EU, in the mid 21st C. It looks very good.
Paolo BacigalupiShip Breaker on a future Gulf Coast, a clipper ship is found washed ashore. Should Nailer just strip it of value and move on…
Dani Kollin & Eytan KollinThe Unincorporated War sequel to The Unincorporated Man, also in this week in large format paperback
Ian TregellisBitter Seeds an alternate WW2, with supermen and wizards

in large format:

Dani Kollin & Eytan KollinThe Unincorporated Man a cryogenically frozen billionaire is revived in the far future, where he finds himself the only man outside the strange economic system…

Harry TurtledoveHitler’s War part 1 of The War That Came Early, in which the Munich Agreement isn’t signed and there is no ‘peace in our time’ declared by Chamberlain

Hugh CookThe Walrus and the Warwolf reprinted in double column text as ‘China Mieville Presents‘. It was originally published as the 1st of The Chronicles of an Age of Darkness back in 1988.

Alexander BogdanovRed Star: the First Bolshevik Utopia an omnibus of two early Revolutionary Russian novels, Red Star (1908) and Engineer Menni (1913), together with various notes and articles, and a poem, A MArtian Stranded on Earth

James Lowder (editor) – Curse of the Full Moon anthology of werewolf stories from top authors including LeGuin, Moorcock & Wolfe

Adam RobertsThe History of Science Fiction restock, but I’ve not had copies for a while.

in ‘B’ format:

Cory DoctorowMakers ‘fabbing’ (the use of proto-type fabrication machines) takes the world by storm and creates an economic bubble of prosperity…
Charlaine HarrisDead and Gone the 9th Sookie Stackhouse novel; the tv series of the books is True Blood.

in paperback:

Alan Dean FosterFlinx Transcendent the 12th and final adventure for Pip and Flinx!
Gary GibsonNova War the sequel to Stealing Light and part 2 of the Shoal Sequence. Earth is caught up in a millenia-old space war…
K. E. MillsWizard Squared the 3rd Rogue Agent novel…
Nichole PeelerTracking the Tempest sequel to Tempest Rising, featuring Jane True, whose boyfriend is a vampire…
Star WarsAbyss the 3rd in Troy Denning‘s Fate of the Jedi series…

art, etc:

ArantzaWicked Kisses lush-looking goth art; mainly colour but with a b&w section at the end. Hardcover
Hugo Pratt
Corto Maltese Tarot rare item, and almost the only way to get his art at the moment! The decks are sealed but they do look very nice.

Harvey KurtzmanThe Grasshopper and the Ant smart little hardback of his classic cartoon story; a single panel per page.
Herman MelvilleMoby Dick new version of the classic novel adapted by Lance Stahlberg and illustrated by Lalit Kumar Singh. 90 page square-bound comic format.


Heavy Metal – Suimmer 2010 issue
Locus – June cover date; #593


Doctor WhoLegend of the Cybermen Big Finish #135
Doctor WhoThe Song of Megaptera & The Macross The Lost Stories release #1.7 & 1.8 from Big Finish. All 3 feature Colin Baker as the Doctor.


H. R. Giger – wall calendar


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