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New Titles – w/e 15th May 2010

in hardback:

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildFever Dream their latest collaboration; Agent Pendergast realises that his wife was, in fact, murdered, not killed in a fatal accident 12 years ago…

in large format:

Paolo BacigalupiThe Windup Girl in the not-so-distant future, the world is a very different place…

John Ringo & Brian M. Thomsen (editors) – Citizens reprint military sf anthology, written by military veterans, including some very big names!
Darrell Schweitzer & Martin H. Greenberg (editors) – Full Moon City all new werewolf collection from some top authors!

in ‘B’ format:

Adam RobertsYellow Blue Tibia a man who wrote fake Stalinist propaganda reappears after years and claims it was all true!
Ian WhatesThe Noise Within the hunt for a human/A.I. interface, and also for the space pirate vessel, The Noise Within!

Christopher PriestInverted World the latest in the SF Masterworks series of classic re-issues…
Arthur C. ClarkeChildhood’s End reprint of the 1954 classic

Rebecca LevineCold Warriors a book of The Infernal Game, published by Abaddon Books the Hermetic Division of the Secret Services tries to trace certain arcane objects thought to be in Russia…
Greg Egan – Oceanic short story collection

Jacqueline CareyNaamah’s Kiss In an alternate world, Moirin’s father serves the goddess of desire and sends her on a mission across the world to Ch’in…
Ursula K. LeGuinLavinia historical novel set in the time of Troy; a soothsayer predicts that Lavinia will marry the hero Aeneas… her mother does not concur!

Roger MaThe Zombie Combat Manual complete guide on how to deal with all zombies, depending on their injuries and weapons available!

in paperback:

David GunnDay of the Damned the latest in his Death’s Head series. The emperor has disappeared and a civil war is on the cusp of breaking out…

Rogue AngelThe Bone Conjurer the 24th adventure by Alex Archer
Death LandsArcadian’s Asylum the latest in the series by James Axler
OutlandersInfinity Breach the 46th in the Deathlands spin-off series, by James Axler

art, etc:

Ryo KanaiThe Art of Ryo Kanai large album of his art; mainly full colour
Corrado MastantuonoThe Art of Corrado Mastantuono as above; possibly slightly more b&w
Claudio AboyVoluptuous b&w drawings published by SQP

Allan GrossThe Art of Insight Studios hardcover back in stock featuring the work of Frank Cho, Marc Hempel & Mark Wheatley

Jim Pavelec & Chris SeamanInk Bloom: Draw and Paint a Fantasy Adventure lots of illustrations of each stage, wityh plenty explanatory text…


Heavy Metal – July 2010 cover date
Juxtapoz – May 2010 cover date
Gothic & Lolita Bible – vol 14 #1

Locus – April 2010 cover date, with James Blaylock on the cover

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