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New Titles – w/e 3rd April 2010

in hardback:

Patricia BriggsSilver Borne the 5th Mercy Thompson novel
Norman SpinradHe Walked Among Us a new stage act features a man ranting about how the future is dreadful and blaming the current society of causing it. Is he actually from the future?

in large format:

Erica HayesShadowglass the 1st volume of the Shadowfae Chronicles a down-on-her-luck fairy steals a magic mirror from a demon…
Alexey PehovShadow Prowler the 1st book in the Chronicles of Siala about a quest for an artifact that will save the kingdom from the armies from the Desolate Lands. Translated from Russian by Andrew Bromfield
Daniel SuarezFreedom sequel to the techno-thriller Daemon

Terence TaylorBlood Pressure subtitled ‘a Vampire Testament‘ about their secret war with humans…
Philip Jose FarmerRiver World omnibus edition of the 1st two novels in the series, To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat, both from 1971.

Michael MoorcockThe Mad God’s Amulet attractive reprint of the 2nd Hawkmoon novel

in ‘B’ format:

Tom HoltMay Contain Traces of Magic Chris’s satnav starts talking back…
Guillermo del Toro & Chuck HoganThe Strain horror novel co-written by the Director of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, etc.
Trudi CanavanThe Magician’s Apprentice book 1 of the Traitor Spy trilogy
J. R. R. TolkeinThe Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun Tolkien’s translation of, and notes about, 2 classic Norse poems

Warhammer 40,000The Lost 1000 page omnibus edition containing 4 Gaunt’s Ghosts novels by Dan Abnett; Traitor General, His Last Command, The Armour of Contempt and Only in Death

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Dave FreerSlow Train to Arcturus a segmented generation starship (with a different culture having evolved in each one) approaches it’s first likely destination… it’s natives are curious about the approaching artifact. I enjoyed the hardback a lot.
Robert J. SawyerWake part one of his new www trilogy, about a blind scientist who ends up able to ‘see’ the internet!
Larry Niven & Jerry PournelleEscape From Hell sequel to Inferno, which was their update on Dante’s Inferno…
Christopher AnvilWar Games the final volume of his collected works, including the novel The Steel, the Mist and the Blazing Sun and 17 other shorter works…

A. Lee MartinezMonster about a hazardous cleanup company!
Gail CarrigerChangeless the sequel to Soulless, a Victorian era steampunk romantic horror novel featuring Alexia Tarabotti and her new werewolf husband
Raymond KhouryThe Sign a mysterious sphere of light appears over the Antarctic…

Trudi CanavanThe Magician’s Apprentice part 1 of The Traitor Spy Trilogy, carrying on from her previous books…
Brandon Sanderson
Warbreaker his latest epic fantasy
Jane LindskoldNine Gates the sequel to Thirteen Orphans, which I enjoyed a lot in hardback…
James A. Anderson & Mark SebancThe Stoneholding part 1 of the Legacy of the Stone Harp epic fantasy

Sarah MonetteCorambis the final book of the series that began with Melusine
Sonya BatemanMaster of None 1st in a new series featuring a man and his genie (who inhabits a dog’s body)
Karin LowacheeThe Gaslight Dogs fantasy novel about an impending war in the frozen north, and a young spiritwalker
James LovegroveThe Age of Zeus the sequel to The Age of Ra; part 2 of the Pantheon Trilogy! The Greek gods have returned.
Laura BickleEmbers paranormal fantasy set in Detroit featuring an arson investigator who is a ghost hunter by night
D. D. BarantDeath Blows the 2nd of the Bloodhound Files

Talia GryphonKey to Justice the 4th Gillian Key adventure…
Jane WellsThe Mage in Black the 2nd Sabina Kane adventure…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCemetery Dance their 13th c0-authored adventure, again featuring Agent Pendergast
Gabriel Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire the 4th in the series of his adventures…

Ramsey CampbellCreatures of the Pool his father’s gone missing and Gavin fears his father’s esoteric research may be the reason. He may have to descend deep beneath the streets of the city to try to find him…
Jeff StrandDweller a young boy makes a lifelong friend of a creature he finds in the woods…
M. J. RoseThe Memorist Meer receives a strange letter about mysteries in her past…

Jetse De Vries (editor) – Shine an anthology of optimistic SF, all set in the near future…

Star TrekUnspoken Truth new novel by Margaret Wander Bonanno featuring Saavik, who is now a Starfleet officer…
Star Trek OnlineThe Needs of the Many a book by Michael R. Martin & Jake Sisko, based on the online computer game… It appears to consist largely of debriefing interviews (or similar) following some event.

Warhammer: Time of LegendsNagash the Unbroken book 2 of the Nagash Trilogy by Mike Lee
Warhammer 40,000Flesh and Iron a companion volume to Emperor’s Mercy in Henry Zou‘s Bastion Wars series…

art, etc:

Ragnar PerssonFeel the Darkness large hardback
Sam KeithThe Sketch Books vol 1 – softcover
Modern Masters volume twenty-two – Mark Buckingham mainly b&w with an 8 page colour section
Dave McKeanPostkaart a Bruxelles small hardback of work inspired by Brussels
PusheadSparrow art book #15

Jacques TardiIt was the War of the Trenches excellent h/c graphic novel of the Western Front of the First World War
George HerrimanTiger Tea hardback of one of Crazy & Ignatz‘s  weird comic-strip adventures
David MalkiDapper Caps & Pedal-Copters the latest collection of Wondermark strips, with a steampunk edge
Nadja Spiegelman & Trade LoefflerZig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework neat little hardback story , aimed at a fairly young audience. But it looks fun!


Heavy Metal – cover date May 2010
Juxtapoz – April cover date, also more copies of the short-supplied March issue
Hi-Fructose – #15
Illustration #29
Gothic & Lolita Bible #34


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out on EMBERS! I hope that readers enjoy.

    Comment by Laura Bickle | March 30, 2010 | Reply

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