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New Titles – w/e 27th March 2010

in hardback:

William Peter BlattyDimiter
Christopher MooreBite Me the sequel to You Suck; a completely different sort of horror novel to the ones written by the previous author!
Peter V. BrettThe Desert Spear sequel to The Painted Man (UK) aka The Warded Man (US). Either way, it’s volume 2 of the Demon War

in large format:

Chelsea Quinn YarbroA Dangerous Game the 23rd (I think) of her novels to feature the vampire Count Saint-Germain, this time set around the founding of St. Petersburg
David MarusekMind Over Ship the sequel to Counting Heads. Big business try to buy the orbiting habitats for ‘local’ use, instead of launching them to the stars!
Mark HenryBattle of the Network Zombies about a glamorous Seattle talk-show hostess…

Ian McDonaldArea Express reprint of the sequel to Desolation Road, which was one of the best Mars novels I’ve read. This one’s good, too!

Ellen Datlow (editor) – Tails of Wonder & Imagination the best of the last 35 years or so of fantasy cat stories!

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherShadow of the Scorpion the latest Agent Cormac/Polity novel
Paul MagrsHell’s Belles the 4th in his series of odd goings-on set in Whitby
Richelle MeadSuccubus Shadows the 5th in the series…

Steve HockensmithDawn of the Dreadfuls the prequel to Pride and prejudice and Zombies!

Roger ZelaznyLord of Light the SF Masterworks series finally gets round to the author’s most sought after book!
Alfred BesterThe Stars My Destination an SF Masterwork, first published in 1956
Philip K. DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? SF Masterwork re-issue (although it’s been in print very recently with a diffrent cover)

Lynne M. Thomas & Tara O’Shea (editors) – Chicks Dig Time Lords the latest Doctor Who inspired book from Mad Norwegian Press.  Essays, etc. by women about their favourite Doctor and their fandom experiences

in paperback:

Peter BrettThe Warded Man US edition of The Painted Man
Dalia RoddyA Catch in Time for 3 minutes the world is unconscious, and every accident that can happen, does! A lot is different when everybody comes to…
Carolyn CraneMind Games a hypochondriac who can affect others with her neuroses…
Jenna BlackThe Devil’s Playground the 5th in her Morgan Kingsley series…

Alex ArcherSacred Ground the 23rd Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerBlood Harvest the latest Death Lands outing

Iron Man 2 the novelisation of the forthcoming film, written by Alexander Irvine


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