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New Titles – w/e 6th March 2010

in hardback:

Robin HobbDragon Haven the 2nd part of The Rain Wild Chronicles, which begon with The Dragon Keeper
Tad WilliamsShadowrise volume 3 of his Shadowmarch Trilogy
Col Buchanan – Farlander a city uinder seige for 10 years may be about to fall…

Allen SteeleCoyote Destiny the 2nd in his Coyote Chronicles set; the 7th set in his Coyote background overall…
Eric Flint & K. D. WentworthThe Crucible of Empire the sequel to 2003’s The Course of Empire. Humans and their overlords, the Jao, must battle against the Ekhat
Dexter PalmerThe Dream of Perpetual Motion in an alternate world of zeppelins and robot butlers, a greeting card message writer helps create the ultimate machine!

Anne BishopShalador’s Lady the 8th in her Black Jewels series…

Peter BognanniThe House of Tomorrow strange mainstream novel about a youth whose homeschooling has left him with a great knowledge of R. Buckminster Fuller and not much else!
Zachery MasonThe Lost Books of the Odtssey slim book of alternate endings to the epic; reminiscent, perhaps, of Invisible Cities by Calvino

Clive Cussler & Jack DuBrul – The Silent Sea the 7th Oregon Files adventure, although only the 5th with co-author DuBrul

in large format:

Charles DeLintThe Mystery of Grace his latest novel, set in the Southwest…
Thomas E. SniegoskiWhere Angels Fear to Tread the 3rd adventure of Earthbound angel, Remy Chandler
Jonathan MaberryThe Dragon Factory thriller featuring transgenic monsters and Master Race eugenics
Patrick NessThe Knife of Never Letting Go the 1st book of the Chaos Walking trilogy, set in a community where everybody can read each other’s thoughts…

Bob CurranCeltic Lore & Legend and also Walking with the Green Man two more compilations of lore…

in ‘B’ format:

Robin Hobb – The Dragon Keeper the 1st in The Rain Wild Chronicles, which follows on from her Tawney Man set…
Carrie RyanThe Forest of Hands and Teeth growing up in a village nobody leaves… reminds me of Kim Wilkins a bit
Kate GriffinMidnight Mayor the sequel to A Madness of Angels, which was out fairly recently
Marcus HeitzWar of the Dwarves sequel to Dwarves

David DrakeThe Complete Hammer’s Slammers volume 2 700 pages, including 4 short novels , a short story and other material
Robert A. HeinleinThe Green Hills of Earth & The Menace From Earth an omnibus of 2 of his short story collections from the 50’s

Victor PelevinHomo Zapiens advertising satire set in post-Soviet Russia
Saci LloydThe Carbon Diaries 2017 two years on from the events of The Carbon Diaries 2015 and the squeeze on energy is as tight as ever…
Simon ScarrowGladiator the latest adventure of Macro and Cato in the 1st Century Roman Empire

in paperback:

Ricardo PintoThe Third God the final book of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon
Ian WhatesCity of Dreams and Nightmare volume 1 of The City of a Hundred Rows. Set in a great, Dickensian city where, in the City Below, demons are said to live in the upper heights…
Maurice BroaddusKing Maker book 1 of The Knights of Bretton Court. A petty criminal tries to unite the street gangs and other lowlife against greater evils
Tim WaggonerDead Streets a Matt Richter adventure

Anne BishopThe Shadow Queen the 7th of her Black Jewels series…
Rob ThurmanRoadkill the 5th in his Cal Leandros series, which began with Nightlife
Seanan McGuireA Local Habitation the 2nd October Daye novel; the 1st was Rosemary and Rue.
Christopher GoldenSoulless a mass seance goes awry and the dead walk again!

Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg (editors) – Timeshares time travel anthology of new stories…

Warhammer 40,000Soul Hunter a novel of The Night Lords by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Warhammer 40,000: The Horus HeresyA Thousand Suns the latest in the series, by Graham McNeill

EberronDragon War the 3rd in the Draconic Prophecies trilogy by James Wyatt


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