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New Titles – w/e 27th February 2010

in hardback:

Dan SimmonsBlack Hills spanning the period between Custer’s death and the creation of Mount Rushmore’s famous carvings in the 1930s
Kim HarrisonBlack Magic Sanction the 7th of the Books of the Hollows, featuring Rachel Morgan
Robert McCammonMister Slaughter a serial killer in early 18th C New York…

in large format:

Jay LakeMadness of Flowers a sequel to Trial of Flowers and subtitled ‘a novel of the City Imperishable
Kage BakerThe Empress of Mars the late author’s final Company novel, set on a ERB-ian Mars…
Violette MalanThe Storm Witch the latest adventure of the mercenaries Dhulyn and Parno
Joel ShepherdPetrodor sequel to Sasha; the 1st two books in his Trial of Blood and Steel quartet
Steve Aylett The Inflatable Volunteer re-issue of this bizarre comic novel…

Christopher GoldenThe New Dead top-notch all new zombie anthology

in ‘B’ format:

Jeffrey OverstreetRaven’s Ladder the final part of the fantasy trilogy that began with Aurelia’s Colors and Cynder’s Midnight

Ian Watson & Ian Whates (editors) – The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories classic stories from the last 4 decades, including 3 with this year’s copyright, which I assume are new to print (from Baxter, McLeod & Morrow)

in paperback:

Elizabeth BearChill the sequel to Dust, set on a generation starship…
Tom KratmanCaliphate Petra wants to flee Muslim-dominated Europe to America
Sharon Lee & Steve MillerFledgling the latest Liaden Universe novel

Katie MacAlisterSteamed romantic steampunk!

Dave DuncanThe Alchemist’s Pursuit the 3rd in his Alchemist series about an apprentice alchemist in the time of Nostrodamus

Walter GreatshellApocalypticon the 2nd in his Xombies series, which began with Apocalypse Blues
Rachel VincentShift the 5th Shifters adventure, featuring a pride of werecats

Anton StroutDead Matter the 3rd of the Simon Canderous adventures, set in New York

Diana RowlandBlood of the Demon the sequel to Mark of the Demon, with Kara Gillian, who has ‘othersight’
Kelly ArmstrongMen of the Otherworld 4 novellas set in her Otherworld

Stacia KaneDemon Possessed the 3rd Megan Chase case
Amber BensonCat’s Claw featuring Calliope Reaper-Jones, Death’s daughter!
Jeri Smith-ReadyBad to the Bone the 2nd novel with Ciara Griffin, radio station owner and friend to many of the undead…

StarTrekTreason the latest New Frontier novel, by Peter David
Star WarsLuke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. The latest adventure from Matthew Stover

art, etc:

Mark RydenThe Tree Show hardback collection of his art, which is all based around trees and forestry, etc.
Al RioThe Art of Al Rio restock of the b&w SQP collection of his work


Heavy Metal – Spring issue
Juxtapoz – March cover date

Locus – January & February issues. December’s may yet trail in eventually!


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