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New Titles – w/e 6th February 2010

in hardback:

John RingoLive Free or Die the `1st in the Troy Rising trilogy in which Earth is attacked by aliens and Tylor Vernon leads the fightback!
Connie WillisBlackout her 1st novel for several years; again featuring research and adventure across the timestreams. A sequel will be out in Autumn.
Laurell K. HamiltonFlirt the latest Anita Blake adventure
Jane Yolen & Midori SnyderExcept the Queen two members of the Fairy Court are banished to Earth…

Steven AmsterdamThings We Didn’t See Coming 9 linked stories, set in a near-future dystopia…
Stephen HuntSecrets of the Fire Sea the 4th in the series that began with The Court of the Air

in large format:

Marjorie B. Kellogg & William B. RossowLear’s Daughters originally published by DAW as The Wave and the Flame & Reign of Fire back in 1986. A mission to another planet runs up against the native population…
Christopher RowleyPleasure Model his 1st novel for years, as far as I know! part 1 of the Netherworld Trilogy and the 1st in the new Heavy Metal Pulp line of books. It’s a future noir detective story, with some illustrations.
A. E. MooratQueen Victoria, Demon Hunter When she ascended to the throne, there weere some duties she had not dreamt existed!

in ‘B’ format:

N. K. JemisinThe Hundred Thousand Kingdoms the 1st book of the Inheritance trilogy. Yiene is sumoned from the northern lands and discovers she is a potential heir to the throne of Sky, the capital of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms…
Brian RuckleyFall of Thanes the final part of his Godless World trilogy
Barb HendeeHunting Memories the sequel to Blood Memories

Thomas BlackthorneEdge street violence has become endemic, and the subject of new reality tv shows…

Jonathan OliverCall of Kerberos the latest Twilight of Kerberos adventure…

WarhammerMathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter omnibus edition of Witch Hunter, Witch Finder and Witch Killer, all by C. L. Werner
Warhammer 40,000Rynn’s World a Space Marines Battles novel by Steve Parker

in paperback:

Charles StrossThe Revolution Business the 5th of his Merchant Princes sextet
Nancy Kress – Steal Across the Sky aliens arrive and recruit various people to assess them to tell everybody else…
S. Andrew SwannHeretics the 2nd part of  Apotheosis. Big sf set 500+ years in the future…
R. J. PineiroHavoc nanotech thriller, with a Von Neuman machine on the loose!
James Knapp – State of Decay techno-zombies!
Jeff SomersThe Eternal Prison the 3rd in the series that began with The Electric Church

Lois McMaster BujoldHorizon the 4th in her Sharing Knife series…
L. E. Modesitt, jr.Imager the 1st in his new Imager Portfolio series, about artists with magical abilities…
Lorna FreemanShadows Past the 3rd in her Borderlands series…
Melanie RawnFire Raising the 1st in her new series about an Appalachian witch who is married to the county sheriff…
David B. CoeThe Horsemen’s Gambit the 2nd in the Book of the Southlands. which continues on from the Winds of the Forelands set
Guy AdamsThe World House ‘in some rooms, forests grow…’ fantasy reminiscent of James Stoddart‘s The High House
Kaaron WarrenWalking the Tree fantasy featuring the worship of a giant tree…
C. S. FriedmanWings of Wrath the 2nd in her Magister Trilogy

Kris Greene – The Dark Storm 1st in a new series. nerdy student Gabriel is recruited to play his part in efforts to stem the tide of demons invading through a dimensional rift!
Rachel CaineUnknown the 2nd part of Outcast Season, itself a continuation of the Weather Warden series…
Yasmine GalenornBone Magic the 7th Otherworld adventure
L. A. BanksThe Thirteenth curious title for the 12th and final book of the Vampire Huntress Legends.

William DietrichThe Dakota Cipher the 3rd Ethan Gage adventure, as he returns to the new World to seek his fortune… Flashman meets Indiana Jones! Premium edition

A Girls Guide to Guns and Monsters – anthology edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes, featuring a strong line-up of authors writhing about women with big guns!

Kate CarlisleIf Books Could Kill murder mystery set against the Edinburgh Book ‘Fair’.
J. M. C. BlairThe Pendragon Murders the 3rd of the Merlin Investigations

Forgotten RealmsThe God Catcher the 5th in the Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep series, by Erin M. Evans

Warhammer 40,000Black Tide a new Blood Angels novel by James Swallow


Jack VanceThe Dying Earth unabridged, on 6 cds, read, sorry, performed, by Arthur Morey


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