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New Titles – w/e 30th January 2010

in hardback:

Neil GaimanOdd and the Frost Giants children’s fantasy book about Norse mythology, with b&w illustrations by Brett Helquist

in ‘B’ format:

Stephen DeasThe Adamantine Palace intrigue and scheming in a world where dragons are thought to have been completely tamed and used as little more than mounts for knights…
Scott MarianiThe Shadow Project his latest thriller, featuring Ben Hope, neo-Nazis and secret wartime technology…

in paperback:

Adrian Tchaikovsky Salute the Dark the 4th of his Shadows of the Apt series…

John Ringo & Julie CochraneHonor of the Clan the 10th Posleen or The Legacy of Aldenata book…
Allen SteeleCoyote Horizon 1st in his new Coyote series, the Coyote Chronicles, and the 6th overall
Andre NortonSearch for the Star Stones omnibus volume containing The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars, both from the late 1960s…
Robert V. S. RedickThe Red Wolf Conspiracy the 1st book of The Chathrand Voyage, about a giant sailing ship, it’s crew and assorted passengers
Sarah AshFlight into Darkness the sequel to Tracing the Shadow, which began The Alchymist’s Legacy
Ed GreenwoodArch Wizard the 2nd in his Falconfar series, which began with Dark Lord
Lilith SaintcrowFlesh Circus the 4th Jill Kismet adventure
Marc Del FrancoUnperfect Souls the 4th Connor Grey adventure
Mark HenryHappy Hour of the Damned the latest Amanda Feral book…
Chris Marie GreenBreak of Dawn Vampire Babylon volume 3!
Seressia GlassShadow Blade featuring Kira Solomon, antiquities expert and Shadowchaser!
Jennifer EstepSpider’s Bite the 1st Elemental Assassins novel, featuring Gin Blanco, aka The Spider!

Inked 4 novellas by Karen Chance, Marjorie M. Liu, Yasmine Galenorn and Eileen Wilks, each featuring one of their most popular heroines…

Graham BrownBlack Rain Amazonian ancient artifact adventure
Paul ChristopherThe Sword of the Templars 1st in a new series of ancient artifact adventures; the 2nd came in a couple of weeks ago…

Star TrekInception another adventure featuring a young Kirk and Spock, by S. D. Perry and Britta Dennison
Star WarsCrosscurrent featuring Jedi Knight Jaden Korr, written by Paul S. Kemp
Iron ManVirus by Alex Irvine

WarhammerDeath & Dishonour anthology edited by Alex Davis, Nick Kyme and Lindsay Priestley
World of Warcraft
Arthas a novel by Christie Golden about The Rise of the Lich King

art. etc:

Patrick WoodroffeBenign Icons wonderful large hardcover retrospective; apparently first issued in 2008. These appear to be copies of the 1st edition, which was limited to 2500 copies.
Maurizio ManzieriThe Art of… large (but fairly slim) full colour art with limited text (although it’s in 4 languages!)
Lucio ParrilloThe Art of… similar format to the above, but with a stronger fantasy content. i.e. no spaceships!
Peter de SeveA Sketchy Past: The Art of… large hardcover, evenly split between b&w and full colour. Book covers, New Yorker cartoons, etc., including his design work for the Ice Age films.

Rick VeitchCrypto Zoo graphic collection of more of his dream-derived b&w strip

magazines, etc:

Heavy Metal -March cover date

Juxtapoz – both the January and Fevruary cover dates; I fear December’s may not arrive at all now.


Doctor WhoDeath in Blackpool the latest Eighth Doctor adventure; Big Finish 4.01


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