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New Titles – w/e 31st December 2009

in hardback:

Joe HaldemanStarbound the sequel to Marsbound, which I enjoyed a couple of years ago…
Douglas PrestonImpact fast-paced science fictional thriller

Matthew FlemingThe Kingdom of Ohio alternate history, set in New York in 1901

Simon R. GreenThe Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny the 10th Nightside adventure
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. RossHastur Lord apparently MZB started a final Darkover novel to be called The Shadow King but was unable to finish it before her death. It’s now been dusted down, retitled and completed by one of her long term friends and collaborators

Philip K. DickNick and the Glimmung new edition from Subterranean Press of his only childrens book. Last seen in a Gollancz edition a good 20 years ago! As I recall, it’s good fun, and recycles some names and characters from other PKD novels…

in large format:

Carol BergThe Spirit Lens fantasy; 1st novel of the Collegia Magica
Z. A. RechtPlague of the Dead zombies!

in ‘B’ format:

Chine MievilleThe City & the City fantastical murder mystery

Jay LakeDeath of a Starship a long-lost space battleship re-appears…

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhRegenesis the long-awaited sequel to Cyteen!
Eric Flint & Marilyn KosmatkaTime Spike the 1st in a companion series to his 1632/Ring of Fire series, in which, back in our time, a 2nd Event takes palce with much stranger sonsequences for those involved. It can be read without any knowledge of the other series and this first volume, at least, is good fun!
Orson Scott CardEnder in Exile the 10th Ender book, this one is set directly after Ender’s Game
Jeffrey A. CarverSunborn v4 of his Chaos Chronicles, although there seems a fair gap between the previous ones and this one, and it looks like it can be read as a stand-alone novel…
David Sherman & Dan CraggWings of Hell the 13th in the main sequence of Starfist adventures…
Michael BowersPrison Ship a disgraced space captain must lead a ‘Dirty Dozen’ type mission to redeem himself…
Lincoln ChildTerminal Freeze a prehistoric creature is freed from glacial ice…
Ben BovaImmortality Factor
Christopher AnvilThe Trouble with Humans 13 stories, mainly from the late 60s, compiled by Eric Flint

Gail Z. MartinDark Lady’s Chosen the 4th in the Chronicles of the Necromancer
Simon R. GreenJust Another Judgement Day the 9th novel of the Nightside
Dave DuncanIll Met in the Arena fantasy gladiators and politics!
David DrakeThe Gods Return the final part of The Crown of the Isles trilogy
Steve WhiteSt. Antony’s Fire alternate history involving Ponce de Leon and the exploration of Florida!

Julie KennerTurned the 3rd of her Blood Lily Chronicles
Carrie VaughnKitty’s House of Horrors the 7th book featuring Kitty Norville the late night radio dj. The series began with Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Lucy A. Snyder Spellbent Jessie Shimmer inadvertantly opens a portal and her lover is sucked through…
Jenna MacLaineBound by Sin the 3rd book about vampires in the American Civil War
Chloe Neill Firespell Lily is sent to boarding school in Chicago; the 1st novel of the Dark Elite
Justin Gustainis – Evil Ways a Morris and Chastain Investigation
Linda RobertsonHallowed Circle the sequel to Viscious Circle and the 2nd Persephone Akmedi novel
Adrian PhoenixBeneath the Skin the 3rd Maker’s Song novel…

Nancy HolzerDeadtown Vicky has to keep the city safe from the like of zombies, etc..
Gord Rollo
Strange Magic horror

DragonlanceThe Fate of Thorbardin the final book of the Dwarf Home trilogy, by Douglas Niles
Forgotten Realms Realms of the Dead anthology set in the Haunted Lands, edited by R. A. Salvatore & Richard Lee Byers

Star TrekThe Sorrows of Empire the latest Mirror Universe novel, by David Mack


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