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New Titles – w/e 7th November 2009

in hardback:

Simon ClarkWhitby Vampyrrhic Whitby, 1942, war, vampires and Viking curses!
Cherie PriestFathom fantasy, by the author of the recent Boneshaker

John CluteStrokes: Essays and Reviews 1966 – 1986 interesting stuff!

in large format:

Katharine KerrThe Silver Mage the 7th book of The Dragon Mage and the 15th and, 24 years after Daggerspell, the final book overall of the Deverry Series!

Jeff VandermeerFinch highly-rated steampunk derived novel; also described as ‘fungal noir’ by Richard Morgan!
Paul ChafeExodus:  The Ark the sequel to Genesis, this is the story of the middle years of a vast generation starship… I enjoyed v1 much more than I thought I might!

Rachel CaineThe Morganville Vampires omnibus edition collecting the first 2 books of the series: Glass Houses and The Dead Girls’ Dance. Vampires control a mid-West college town…

in ‘B’ format:

Timothy Zahn – The Cobra Trilogy hefty omnibus edition containing Cobra, Cobra Strike & Cobra Bargain. A 4th book is due soon…
Clifford D. SimakProject Mastodon neat little story, which I think was the basis for (and is part of) Catface, aka Mastodonia.
Clifford D. Simak – Hellhounds of the Cosmos novelette first published in 1932…
Karl SchroederThe Engines of Recall collection of 10 short stories

in paperback:

Harry TurtledoveThe Breath of God the sequel to Beyond the Gap, in which a route to new lands opened up as the northern glaciers melted back… In this one, the fight is taken to the new enemy beyond
L. E. Modesitt, jr.The Lord-Protector’s Daughter a stand-alone novel set in the lands of the Corean Chronicles

Timothy ZahnOdd Girl Out the 3rd in the series that began with Night Train to Rigel, featuring a vast interstellar transport system and a private detective!

Devon MonkMagic in the Blood the 2nd in the series; I should have had this one before v3 arrived last week, obvioulsy!
Lori HandelandApocalypse Happens Elizabeth Phoenix battles the demons of hell in the 1st of The Phoenix Chronicles
Marcus PelegrimusHowling Legion the 2nd of the Skinners adventures, in which Cole & Paige are present-day warriors entrusted with keeping evil at bay
Keri ArthurCircle of Desire her 3rd Damask Circle novel
Keri ArthurBound to Shadows the 8th in her Riley Jenson, Guardian series…

Forgotten RealmsCorsair seagoing adventure in book 2 of the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy, by Richard Baker
Forgotten RealmsThe Fall of Highwatch 1st book in the Chosen of Nendawen series, written by Mark Sehestedt
EberronSon of Kyhber the 2nd in the Thorn of Breland series by Keith Baker

graphic novels, etc:

Max Brooks & Ibraim Roberson (illustrator) – The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks 12 vignettes of zombie horror from across the world and history!

Alison JenkinsJurassic Towel Origami fold your bath towel into a dinosaur! 15 designs; mainly dinos but also mammoths, sabre tooths and Stonehenge!

Page-a-Day Calendars:

Origami Fold a Day designed by Jeff Cole

Paper Airplane Fold a Day. Both published by Accord

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